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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at Hebrew University Convocation:


'Striving to expand the government is correct and justified.' 

VIDEO: Joins musician Miki Gavrielov to sing "You and I Will Change the World"

The President of the State of Israel, Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate and delivered a keynote address at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s annual Convocation. 277 Hebrew University students were awarded Doctor of Philosophy degrees at the festive event, which took place at the Rothberg Amphitheatre of the Mount Scopus campus.

The President surprised the audience by joining fellow Honorary Doctorate recipient Miki Gavrielov to sing the popular Israeli song “Ani v’Attah” ("You and I Will Change the World"). The internationally acclaimed song, a collaboration between Gabrielov and the late Israeli musician Arik Einstein, was recorded over 40 years ago as an anthem celebrating youth and the promise to change the world.

In his keynote address, President Rivlin said:

"Within a polarized Israeli society, with separate education systems, academia is the educational place whereby first meetings take place between the four Israeli tribes; secular, ultra-Orthodox, religious, Arab. This is the reason why academia has such an essential role in shaping the future of Israeli society.

"I especially admire the Hebrew University, which takes care to view the value in the composition of society — and in particular the growth of the ultra-Orthodox public and Arab society in Israel — as an opportunity to enrich academic excellence, and not as a threat to excellence. I thank the Hebrew University and its leaders, for taking the lead in building a joint and equal Israel, for which we thirst today, from within the academic world, and for looking at society as a whole. We still have a lot of shared work ahead of us in promoting this topic, where the challenges of Israeli society converge with the love of truth.

"The truth is vital for our soundness as a society and nation, but no less essential is trust. Despite the political pitfalls, striving to expand the government is correct and justified, even if it gathers objections, as the last elections show that the Israeli public has made its choice. I hope and believe that all governments will act cautiously, responsibly, and with consideration for the benefit of all the citizens of Israel. A national ethical vision, a public consciousness to serve, striving to realize the public interest, and above all an internal and public truth: these are the conditions without which the public may lose confidence not only in its elected officials, but in democracy itself. The public trust is our truth, and it is to them that we must be devoted."

Regarding the Hebrew University, President Rivlin added:

"For many years, the Hebrew University was a real home for me. As a child, I remember my father - may he rest in peace - Professor Yosef Yoel Rivlin, was a member of the Oriental Studies Faculty in the nascent university. When I grew up and had completed my military service, I acquired my law degree from Hebrew University…. The University was my 'Alma Mater', a maternal institution, and also, by virtue of my father's work, a paternal institution.

"Many years have gone by and today the Hebrew University is a beacon of Israeli excellence whose light radiates to all corners of the globe. University graduates, teachers and research faculty have received and continue to receive prestigious awards; Nobel, Fields, Turing, and others. Its researchers are pioneers in inventions and research, it's students are proud to be associated with it. Year after year, the University develops academic elite – an elite which serves, which is dedicated, mobilized for the sake of this place, and for people who live in it."

President Rivlin was among eleven distinguished personalities awarded Honorary Doctorates in recognition of their contributions to society, including: Prof. Winslow R. Briggs; Prof.  Lorraine Daston; Mr. Patrick Drahi; Mr. Miki Gavrielov;  Prof. Francesco Iachello; Mr. Joseph Lebovic; Prof. Michael Sherraden; Mr. Stuart Silbert OAM; The Hon. Mrs. Laura Wolfson Townsley, and Mr. Mortimer B. Zuckerman.

The Convocation is the high point of the 79th Meeting of the Hebrew University's International Board of Governors, taking place from May 27 to June 1. A complete list of honorees at the Board of Governors Meeting, including Honorary Fellowship recipients, and those who will be recognized on the Hebrew University’s Wall of Benefactors, Wall of Life, and Wall of Trustees and Founders, is available at http://www.hubog-2016.com/honorees.

Addressing the graduates, the President of the Hebrew University, Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson, said: "For many it is convenient to engage with the Jerusalem of yesterday — full of years, people, events, romance, violence, holiness and politics. Yesterday is so etched in the physical and human landscape of Jerusalem, that few can remain indifferent to the city and its yesterday.  But our tomorrow is renewed thanks to you, our dear scholars, students and leaders. My request to you, is to carry far and wide the good name of your city, Jerusalem. We all share in this mission, to carry forth throughout all the regions of our country, and across the seas, the word of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, its spirit, and its vision."

The 2016 Solomon Bublick Prize was awarded to Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund, alumnus and former President of the Hebrew University, Professor Emeritus of theoretical physics, and the Andre Aisenstadt Chair in theoretical physics. As the Academic Director of the Einstein Center and the Albert Einstein Archives, he is the University’s appointee responsible for Einstein’s intellectual property. He has held many academic and administrative positions at the University, and currently heads the executive committee of the Israel Science Foundation and is the chairperson of the "Basha'ar – Academic Community for Israeli Society" association.

The 2016 Samuel Rothberg Prize was awarded to Dr. Yitzhak Kadman, founder and Executive Director of the National Council for the Child, who is retiring after 30 years. As Executive Director, he has elevated the issue of children at risk to the center of public discourse and debate in Israel. For three decades he has devoted his life to promoting the welfare and rights of children in Israel, to the benefit of hundreds of thousands of children.


Latin American Academic Leaders Visit Israel, Sign Cooperation Agreements with Hebrew University

Some twenty rectors from leading Latin American universities visited Israel this week and signed agreements with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in a first-of-its-kind conference signalling growing academic cooperation


Higher BMI in Adolescence May Affect Cognitive Function in Midlife

Study of Israeli adolescents also looks at impact of socioeconomic position on subsequent cognitive impairment


A New Passion Fruit Variety Keeps the Brain Young

Hebrew University Researchers Develop a New Strain of Passion Fruit that significantly protects brain cells and its function from aging-related damage


Best History Book France 2016

A history book about Jewish-Arab relations titled Juifs et musulmans en Palestine et en Israel des origines à nos jours recently won the first prize for the best history book published in France in 08-12-2016

Hebrew University Congratulates Researchers On Receiving 2016 EMET Prize

Hebrew University Researchers Bring Home 3 of the 8 EMET Prizes Awarded for 2016


The Bert and Ernie Principle of Sharing:

When and Why Do Children Give Others the Bigger Piece of the Pie?


Researchers uncover a survival mechanism in cancer cells

Scientists from the Crick Institute, London and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, discover a protein that plays a key role in turning cancer tumour cells into cancer stem cells that are able to renew outbreaks of the disease


Hebrew University Students Ranked the 67th Most Employable Worldwide

An analysis of graduates employability published by Times Higher Education (THE) has ranked graduates of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as the 67th most employable in the world.


Canada's Governor General Visits Hebrew University's Faculty of Medicine

Governor General discusses collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada and Israel at IMRIC, the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada


Italian President Sergio Mattarella Visits the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

On the first day of his state visit to Israel, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, gave a keynote address to an overflow audience, at the Truman Institute on the university's Mount Scopus campus.


The Hebrew University European Brain Forum 'Brain & Pain'

Sunday 20th November: 10:30 - 17:00 Paris


Strategic Partnership between the Hebrew University and the University of Vienna

Four joint seminars took place, where scientists from the Hebrew University and the University of Vienna met to exchange ideas and to prepare proposals for third party funding


Limmud Conference 2016

Deborah Steinmetz, Director, Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive


Scientists Find New Metabolic Pathways to Resist Viruses

International partnership unravels the mechanism by which Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) reprograms human metabolism, and identifies new pathways of anti-viral resistance


Groundbreaking Immune Approach Targets Humans Instead of Bacteria

Scientists show for the first time how bacterial superantigen toxins work, and how short peptides can block them and save lives


Asian Religious Leaders Discuss Peace, Environment With Israeli Counterparts at Hebrew University

A delegation of Asian religious leaders visited the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Hebrew University Launches Israel’s First Academic Degree Programme in Viticulture and Enology

Innovative boutique programme for professional training in the growth, production and analysis of wine, as well as wineries management


New Chair of the Young Professionals Group

Succeeding Jacqueline Caspi as Chair of the BFHU Young Professional Committee is Benjamin Stowe


Rare Frescoes from Roman Period Discovered in Hebrew University Excavations at Zippori in Galilee

New finds contribute significantly to research of Roman art in Israel: Provide first evidence of figurative images in wall paintings at the site, and precede earliest mosaics discovered at the site by a hundred years


Historic Find at Tel-Hazor: A Statue of an Egyptian Official

In a historic find, a large fragment of an Egyptian statue measuring 45 X 40 centimetres, made of lime-stone, was discovered In the course of the current season of excavations at Tel-Hazor, north of the Sea of Galilee in Israel


IMRIC Scientist Awarded for Work in Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Yosef Buganim is a young researcher at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC), part of the Hebrew University's Faculty of Medicine


Single Dose of Novel Peptide Protects Cognitive Function after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

New molecules, developed by Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists, reduce inflammation, cell death and cognitive impairments following traumatic brain injury in mice


Hebrew University #1 in Middle East, #26 Worldwide, Says Saudi-based Centre

The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR), based in Saudi Arabia, has ranked the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at #26 among the 25,000+ degree-granting institutions in the world.


European Neuroscience Outreach Award

Goes to Hebrew University's ELSC Brain Sciences Centre


Dame Helen Mirren Meets Arab and Jewish Students at Hebrew University

Dame Helen Mirren, one of the world's best-known and most respected actresses, met with Arab and Jewish theatre students at The Billy Crystal Program for Peace Through the Performing Arts


Hebrew University Ranked #17 in Asia, First in Israel, in 2016

Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings Editor of Times Higher Education Rankings: "It has never been as clear to me that the balance of power is shifting from the West to the East."


Prof. Rina Talgam Awarded the Polonsky Prize

Historical survey of excavated mosaic art of pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians and Muslims earns Hebrew University professor the first prize in this year's Polonsky Awards


A New Immunotherapy against Cancer Earns a Hebrew University Researcher the Kaye Innovation Award

Pinchas Tsukerman developed a novel immunotherapy method in which monoclonal antibodies neutralize the tumor's ability to suppress the immune system


Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at Hebrew University Convocation:

'Striving to expand the government is correct and justified.' President Rivlin, a Hebrew University alumnus, praises academia's role as unifier of Israeli society


Young Professional Group hosted a dinner in the House of Lords

The British Friends of The Hebrew University Young Professional Group has held its first dinner. The dinner was hosted by Lord Pannick QC in the Peers' Dining Room, House of Lords


President Rivlin, a Hebrew University alumnus, to deliver keynote address

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, American Jewish Philanthropist Mortimer B. Zuckerman, and i24 founder Patrick Drahi To Be Honored at Hebrew University Convocation


University of Toronto and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Deepen Ties

The University of Toronto and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem are pleased to deepen their partnership in the fields of social work and bio-innovation


Prime Minister of Singapore Begins Official Visit to Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hebrew University signs agreements with leading academic institutions from the Republic of Singapore, and confers honorary doctorate upon Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong


New Human On Chip Technology Permits Unparalleled Insight into the Dynamics of Cellular Function

Hebrew University's liver-on-chip platform is uniquely able to monitor metabolic changes indicating mitochondrial damage occurring at drug concentrations previously regarded as safe


Yissum Showcases Hebrew University’s Breakthroughs in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Yaacov Michlin, CEO, Yissum: During 2015, Yissum founded a record number of eight companies based on inventions of researchers from the Hebrew University Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


President Pavlopoulos of Greece Awarded Hebrew University Honorary Doctorate

His Excellency the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Yissum takes part in project to Operate a Tech Incubator under Israel's National Incubator Programme

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) LED Group joins forces with Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), Reliance Industries (NSE: Reliance) and Yissum, the Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Scientists Generate a New Type of Human Stem Cell That Has Half a Genome

The haploid stem cells may yield new genetic screening tools and therapies


New method detects multiple diseases via DNA released from dying cells into blood

New blood test uses methylation patterns of circulating DNA from dying cells to detect diabetes, multiple sclerosis, pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis and brain damage, opening up vast possibilities for diagnostic medicine.



The Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University, comes to London


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to Name School of Education in Honour of Former Head Seymour Fox

Dedication Ceremony and Memorial Lecture on March 14 on Mount Scopus


New Device Shortens Chest-Tube Insertion From Minutes To Seconds

Hebrew University students develop life-saving device following a wave of stabbing attacks that leaves some civilians with collapsed lungs


Cellular Aging Process Unexpectedly Enhances Insulin Secretion

Researchers find that a cell aging program causes human and mouse pancreatic beta cells to work harder and secrete more insulin


Scientists "break the ice" on organ banking

Hebrew University researchers develop a solution for long-term preservation of cells and organs for transplant, as part of a global alliance to bank organs


Nanotechnology delivery system offers new approach to skin disease therapies

Hebrew University formula that activates the body's natural defense against free radicals could control a variety of skin pathologies and disorders


Optical Guide Aims To Keep Orthopaedic Procedures Right On Target

New fibre optic guide-wire will enable surgeons to perform highly accurate hip fracture and spinal fusion surgery with minimal side effects


Rare Einstein Documents Related To Historic Gravity Announcement Displayed at Hebrew University

Scientists At NSF Press Conference in D.C. Confirm Einstein's Century-Old Prediction


The 2016 Institute for Law and Policy at The Hebrew University Faculty of Law

Three-Week Summer Program for International Students and Attorneys Opens June 27, 2016


Hebrew University Linguist Prof. Edit Doron to be Awarded Israel Prize

Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett has announced that Prof. Edit Doron will be awarded the Israel Prize for her work in the study of Linguistics.


Hebrew University Researchers Led Israel With 14 ERC Grants from EU in 2015

Over 23,000,000 Euros to Promote Groundbreaking Research in Medicine, Mathematics & Sciences, and the Humanities


The British Friends turn 90 years old!

Supporting the Hebrew University since 1926

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