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Scholarships Introduction

Every year, BFHU are proud to send a number of British students to the Hebrew University. We provide many of them with the financial support they need to study, live and thrive during their time in Israel.

In addition, we recognise that it is not only British students that need our help. 66% of Israeli students require financial assistance to study. We see supporting disadvantaged Israeli students as an integral part of our connection with the University. And our Student Village campaign directly targets another challenge: the shortage of affordable housing on campus.

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The University attracts students from further afield too. Students flock to Jerusalem from around the world to learn skills in medicine, veterinary science, public health and agriculture to take back to their communities. We are proud to support them both during their time at the University and afterwards, when they take their skills home and begin to make a difference.

Scholarships can bear your name or that of a loved one. Contributions may be made in the form of endowments or one-time donations. Please click on the links to the left to find out more about giving a scholarship.


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