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The Einstein Scholarship

The British Friends are proud to sponsor the University's prestigious Einstein Scholarship. These is awarded annually to a select group of students with outstanding promise and unique academic strengths.

The Scholarship provides a stipend and a research grant, covering tuition and University fees. Candidates are nominated by the Rector's Committee from across the University, from undergraduates to doctoral candidates in every academic discipline.

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The scholarships honour the immense achievements of one of the University's founders, Albert Einstein. Einstein was a deeply committed Zionist who believed fervently in the Hebrew University: fundraising tirelessly for its inauguration, sitting on the founding Board of Governors, delivering the inaugural lecture in 1923, and remaining a member of the Board until his death in 1955.

Einstein Scholars are fast-tracked towards excellence and leadership. You will receive an annual report detailing your scholar's progress and achievements after the end of their academic year.

Become part of Einstein's vision for Israel's future. Call Gill Benson on 020 8349 5733 or email gill.benson@bfhu.org



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