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"The scholarship that you gave me is so meaningful to me, because this financial help is a mental help too. It is so good to know that there are people that really care."  
Lilia, Russian student

"I would like to offer my personal thanks for your generous donation that forms a bridge between the Diaspora and the Jewish people in Israel."
Maya, Argentinian student

"I am grateful to you and highly appreciative for your desire to help me and other students in need.  It gives me hope and strength to be able to follow my dream."
David, British student

"The generosity of people like you makes possible the growth of new generations of scholars, pursuing their research to the best of their ability and thus enriching the knowledge and the self-understanding of humankind in general and of the Jewish people in particular."
Yigal, physics student
"It is people like you - who prioritise the promotion of academic education in Israel, particularly among the economically challenged - that merit the uttermost tributes."
Silvy, PhD candidate
"Your generous donation to me and to others like me has also contributed to reducing the deep social gaps in Israeli society."
Bnaya, Arab-Israeli student

 "I have no doubt in my mind that it has been a year well spent in acquiring more detailed knowledge in this field. You have, by investing in me, invested in the future of my country."
Esther, Ethiopian student

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