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Extra Curricular Activities

Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is the University's centre for introducing overseas students to life in Israel. Throughout the year, OSA organises a huge programme of overnight and day trips, as well as campus based social and cultural activities. OSA has its own website with details of all their upcoming programmes and activities.
Whether you're interested in hiking, photography, bellydancing or acapella singing, OSA is a great way to meet other students like you on campus. The office runs a week of orientation and events at the start of each semester, and can also put you in touch with local prayer services and communities. 
Undergraduate Rothberg students are granted a number of 'points' which can be traded in for OSA activities and trips. Graduates can join for a small fee. OSA organises sightseeing and orientation trips around Jerusalem, visits to the Negev and Masada, and a regularly oversubscribed sea-to-sea hike, from Mediterranean to Kinneret each spring.
OSA also acts as a gateway to volunteer opportunities, an option many British students take up either for an afternoon a week during term-time, or more intensively after term ends.

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