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Archaeological Group

The Archaeological Group operates through the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society. The Society was founded in 1961 by Dr Richard Barnett, Dr Alec Lerner, Professor Yigael Yadin and Leon Shalit to promote the research into all periods of Near Eastern archaeology.

If you would like to find out more about the Society's current lecture programme, to become a member, subscribe to the journal or download an application form for a student grant, please visit www.aias.org.uk

The Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University is an independent research and teaching unit within the Faculty of Humanities. In addition to its role as a teaching and training institution, it has been involved in many major archaeological and interdisciplinary research programs. Excavations at major prehistoric and historic sites have shaped many of the current paradigms in Israeli archaeology and contributed to a better understanding of past human behavior.


The Sepphoris Expedition, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Photo: © Z. Weiss


Tel Rehov, a ceramic altar from Area C (10th century BCE)

Photo: © Ami Mazar


Tel Rehov, view to the south with excavation areas C, G and B

Photo: © Ami Mazar



Photo credits: Tel Rehov Expedition, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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