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Oral Treatment for Obesity

*GLOBAL IMPACT* An orally-available drug for the treatment of obesity has been brought to market by researchers at the Hebrew University


President of the Hebrew University

Statement from the President of the Hebrew University


Preference for Comprehensive Palestinian Settlement

New public opinion survey shows strong preference by both Israeli and Palestinian publics for comprehensive settlement between the two peoples


Speech by Stephen Hawking

More than one thousand people filled the Hebrew University hall to hear Prof. Stephen Hawking speak on "The Origin of the Universe". You can read the transcript here


Stephen Hawking to Donate DNA

Professor Stephen Hawking will donate DNA samples in hope that data will help identify causes of Lou Gehrig's disease


Stephen Hawking visits Hebrew University

The world famous British scientist will hold a lecture and meet fellow scientists at the Hebrew University


Ground Breaking Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation

*GLOBAL IMPACT* First Middle East Symposium on Dental Medicine held despite existing tense political situation


Movement Ecology

New discipline developed by Hebrew University researcher leads to 1st international study group


The Times Ranks HU amongst the World's Best

The Hebrew University has again been ranked among the leading Universities in the world, published by The Times Higher Education Supplement of London


Israeli Higher Education Funding Slashed

Impending funding crisis anounced by Governor of the Bank of Israel at meeting of the Hebrew University Board of Governors’ Executive Committee


Kazakhstan Delegation

*GLOBAL IMPACT* Kazakhstan Delegation meets with officials from Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University


Killing Brain Tumours from within - a Trojan Horse Approach

*GLOBAL IMPACT* Hebrew University Professor of Biochemistry develops new method for targeting malignant brain tumours


University Protests Sweeping Ban on Palestinian Students

Hebrew University Rector initiates letter to cancel sweeping ban on entry of Palestinian students


Connection shown between Osteoporosis and Depression

*GLOBAL IMPACT* Depression can cause a loss of bone mass, leading to osteoporosis and fractures, say researchers at the Hebrew University


Fruit Experiment leads to Cancer Breakthrough

*GLOBAL IMPACT* Promising new approach for the treatment of cancer discovererd by Hebrew University researchers


Free Science Camps for 150 Children

Free camping experiences for 150 children displaced from their homes


Nanotechnology Cancer Therapy

*GLOBAL IMPACT* Kaye Prize for Researcher at Hebrew University


HU Outranks Yale and Oxford

Hebrew University outranks Yale and Oxford in research league table


Speed Cameras

Hebrew University study admits Israelis and Americans need speed cameras too


Training for Resettled Farmers

Resettled farmers from Gush Katif receive training at Hebrew University and help in rejoining Israeli society


Grapefruit Lowers Cholesterol

*GLOBAL IMPACT* Researchers from the Hebrew University discover that eating a grapefruit a day can lower cholesterol levels

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