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Students - Introduction

The Hebrew University has a world-class reputation and each year is ranked within the top 70 in the Times Higher Education Supplement league tables of over 1000 universities worldwide. It's home to one of the European Union's only Centres of Excellence, the International Centre for Neural Computation, amongst many other leading research and teaching institutes.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem attracts around 1,200 overseas students from 70 countries worldwide. Students aged between 18 and 103 all come to experience one of the most vibrant, connected, cross-cultural and open-minded Universities in the world.

Every year, a group of British students of all ages and backgrounds study at the Rothberg International School, the Hebrew University's dedicated centre for overseas students. Join them this year! Courses are taught in English and Hebrew. Choose from summer courses, gap years or an ulpan, or become a full-time student at the University for an undergraduate year abroad or a Masters' degree.

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Our most popular courses are the Summer ProgrammesUndergraduate One Year Program, Academic Gap Year and MA Courses.

To find out about studying at the University, call Gill on 020 8349 5757 or email students@bfhu.org

If you are an alumnus of any of the University's programmes, click here to enter your details on our database and be kept up-to-date on all our events.

A note about this website for prospective students: An immense amount of information on all the courses is available at the Hebrew University's own website. We have tried not to repeat that information here, but rather to explain the experience, and supply useful information, for British students.

In particular, the How to Apply section of the University website is aimed at students from other countries. Before you apply, refer to our How to Apply information for the relevant contact details, prices, deadlines and details.



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