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A fascinating insight into the brain

More than hundred people came to the second HU Alumni Association event in September, to hear Prof Idan Segev from the Hebrew University's Interdisciplinary Centre for Neural Computation.

Professor Segev presented a unique insight into the connection between the Brain and Art, and research being undertaken in the Centre which deals with subjects such as the way in which the brain processes information from the outside world through the senses (especially through visual and auditory stimuli); the way in which this information is received and stored in the memory, and the way in which the brain generates movement and controls the motor system. 

Segev told the audience that his keen interest in the Brian and Art led him and other Hebrew University scientists to participate in a 3-day workshop with ten top Israeli artists. The scientists discovered that every artist works in a different way when moving a creative idea forward before reaching an artistic result. This culminated in the production of a unique art book with original etchings by the top Israeli artists, which was edited by Segev and presented at the event.  

Idan Segev also spoke of his involvement in the Blue Brain project - the first comprehensive attempt to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain, in order to understand brain function and dysfunction through detailed simulations. Idan Segev and The Hebrew University have in fact pioneered this project. 

The event took place at ‘176’ a stunning exhibition space with double height ceilings, which houses the Zabludowicz Collection.  

Please take a look at the event photos here.



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