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Our Future is Here: How Philanthropy through BFHU benefits the Hebrew University

In supporting the Hebrew University, BFHU supports all Israel’s citizens, the Jewish people and through collaboration and knowledge-sharing reaches out to the global community in order to benefit mankind as well as Israel’s reputation. Your philanthropy directly assists students, and continues the Hebrew University's long association with developing research, ideas, and products which benefit humanity. So far, generous donations have gone to 90 research centres at the University, helping to produce over 2,500 innovations now used worldwide. 
Donors are recognised and thanked through plaques, university tours, gift certificates, letters and reports on how their money is spent.
Medical Pioneers

Charitable funds support a huge range of the University's research: brain science, treating terminal disease, managing lifelong illness, and developing next-generation medical technology.
Achievements and breakthroughs have included:

•  Exelon®     new FDA-approved drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
•  Doxil®    anticancer drug with an innovative drug delivery system
•  Periochip®    sustained release drug delivery system
  Kin-Ace    broad platform technology for interception of intracellular signalling

•   Valpropyl glycanimide (TV 1901) - new drug for treatment of migraine, neuropathic pain and mania

•   Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems for restenosis therapy

•   CBD-cellulose protein binding

Social Action Leaders

The University has a strong belief in sharing knowledge and expertise with the people that need it most, and Friends help feed entire populations in developing nations.

Recent developments which you have contributed to include:

•  Training agricultural professionals from across Africa in cutting edge research at the HU campus, to take back to their schools and communities

•  Developing long shelf-life tomatoes for markets worldwide

•  Designing greenhouses to shield crops from extreme climates

•  Pioneering drip irrigation systems essential to semi-arid climates

•  Harvesting rainwater to sustain livestock in Kenya

•  Introducing pest management in Ethiopian tomato fields

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