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Hebrew Ulpan

The Rothberg International School offers a range of Ulpanim, in the Summer and the Winter, from three to five weeks.

The Summer Ulpan is a modular program consisting of three sessions, which may be combined or taken independently. Participation in the Summer Ulpan is a requirement of some programs. Students who must complete a full Hebrew level are required to take two sessions.

Session I: 140 hours offered in late June-July, designed for visiting summer students and new students.

Session II: 100 hours offered in August, designed for visiting the summer students and new students.

Session III: 100 hours offered in September, designed for new students.

The Winter Ulpan, 100 hours offered from mid-January to mid-February, is generally required for new students commencing studies at the RIS in the spring semester. 

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If you are interested in studying Hebrew, and for more information in general, please call Gill on         020 8349 5757 or email students@bfhu.org

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