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Achievements & Challenges

The Beginning


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem began with 3 research institutes in chemistry, microbiology and Jewish studies, 33 teachers and 141 students.

From this modest beginning it has evolved to play a substantial role in every facet of Israel’s development into a modern progressive society. It has contributed to the renaissance of the Hebrew language, the eradication of disease, the advancement of agriculture and industry, and the development of the nation’s legal, educational and defence systems.

The University has also been a driving force in integrating new immigrants into Israel’s society and fostering cultural life around Jerusalem and Israel.


Today the University has produced 6 nobel prize winners in the past 5 years.
In 2006 the Times Educational supplement ranked it 63rd in its survey of top 200 universities in the world. 

The University spans 4 campuses: Mount Scopus, Givat Ram, Ein Kerem and Rehovot. There are 7 faculties: humanities, social sciences, mathematics, science, agriculture, law, medicine and dental medicine.

1,100 teachers and support staff look after 23,000 students, who come from a wide section of Israel’s population. City and kibbutz, new immigrants, Jews, Christians, Muslim and Druse, and overseas students all study together. Of the 23,000 students, 8,800 are graduates, of whom 2,000 are doctoral candidates.

The University provides resources throughout Israel. HU graduates staff other universities, lead in business, commerce and industry. 25% of the members in the Knesset are alumni, as well as a high proportion of Supreme Court Justices.


The Future

To stay at the cutting edge, HU has to keep attracting the best researchers, professionals and students. 40% of all research in Israel’s universities, and half of all scientific studies throughout the country, is conducted at HU.

Maintaining current levels of success requires a progressive and broad curriculum. Programme planners are working on a series of modular degree programmes across a wider range of subjects. A constant programme of development, covering buildings, equipment, computers and advanced research facilities is underway.

To support this and future generations of students, the Hebrew University relies on BFHU and its Friends around the world. By striving to maintain its seat as a centre of excellence, Hebrew University hopes it can keep inspiring the young minds of its students and making the most of their abilities for years to come.

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