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RIS Preparatory Programme celebrates 40 years

The celebration marks 40 years of helping students from Israel and around the world successfully integrate into Israeli society


Six new Directors join the BFHU Board

This marks an exciting juncture for BFHU. New leadership, younger board members, new connections and opportunities.


Five of nine new members of Israel Academy of Sciences are from the Hebrew University

Among the five: Prof. (Emeritus) Shlomo Avineri, Prof. (Emeritus) Ben-Ami Shillony


President Peres praises Israeli medicine at opening of Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School

President Peres praised Israeli medicine, stating: “Israeli physicians are extremely dedicated, caring and talented, and I salute them for their work.


Malaria parasite's masquerade ball could be coming to an end

Hebrew University researchers discover how the deadly malaria parasite evades the immune system and make progress toward developing a cure


Israel has neglected area of public medicine

Looking forward to the Medical School alumni convene to mark 60 years since first graduation


Ben Sasson is the new Chairperson of the Committee of University Heads of Israel

Ben-Sasson replaces outgoing chairperson, Ben Gurion University President Prof. Rivka Carmi


Hebrew University researchers show how we can do math problems and read phrases unconsciously

Can we actually read words and phrases and solve multi-step mathematical problems without our having consciously been aware of them?


The Sir Sigmund Sternberg Annual Prizes for Interfaith Understanding

Sir Sigmund said "I am thrilled that these prizes continue to be awarded to recipients who can be strong advocates of inter-faith understanding


Fingerprint visualization can help police forensic investigations

Scientists at the Hebrew University have developed a new approach for making fingerprints more readily readable


Young researchers to spend more time with their children

A first for Israeli academic institutions: Hebrew University will adjust departmental seminars to meet needs of researchers raising children


Hebrew University celebrates the start of a new academic year

Albert Einstein advised the students that imagination is more important than knowledge


German minister promises 10 million euros for Minerva Centers at science festival

Israeli minister declares education a top election issue


Pears foundation's alumni workshop at the Hebrew U

The first Pears Foundation Alumni Workshop for graduates of the international master's program in nutritional sciences was held in Jerusalem


Israeli law expert appointed to UN Human Rights Committee

Prof. Shany, was one of nine people selected to serve for a four-year tenure by 167 UN member countries


Hebrew University's free online courses

Joins top U.S. and international universities to make quality content available outside classroom


3 New Deans at the Hebrew University

Among the new Deans - Prof. Vered Vinitzky-Serussi, the first woman in the University's history to hold this position


British and Israeli scientists will work together on stem cell research

this support is part of the BIRAX programme which was signed in 2008


Hebrew University ranked 53 out of top 500 universities worldwide

University is ranked the world’s 16th best in mathematics, 27th best in computer science and 38th best in the natural sciences


Summit of Geniuses: 2012 Asian Science Camp in Israel

Conference unites the best young scientists with the best scientific minds in Israel and around the world


Hebrew University the second best place to work in academia

The Hebrew University was the only Israeli institution to be included among the top 25 Universities


Memorial service marks ten years since terrorist bombing at Hebrew University

Nine students and staff members were killed in the bombing of the main cafeteria of the Mount Scopus campus in 2002


Hebrew University's Prof. to won the Wolf Prize 2012

Prof. Jacob Bekenstein, a theoretical physicist at the Hebrew University who shed new light on black holes, received the prestigious Wolf Prize for year 2012 in an official ceremony at the Knesset.


An eye opening visit at the Hebrew University

Rosalind Schogger writes about her visit to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Hebrew University’s first graduates in clinical pharmacy

Hebrew University first graduates in clinical pharmacy to provide improved expertise for patient medicinal care


Hebrew University and University of Potsdam to sign cooperation agreement

Hebrew University and University of Potsdam to sign cooperation agreement in presence of Brandenburg's Prime Minister and Minister of Science


2.5 Million-Euro grant to support political communication research

2.5 Million-Euro grant from European Union to support political communication research


From Ukraine to the Hebrew University

The British Friends of the Hebrew University will support students from Ukraine to study at the Hebrew U


Four of the five Rothschild Prizes to go to the Hebrew University

Lord Rothschild awarded the Rothschild Prize to five outstanding Israeli academics who have made exceptional contributions to their fields


Hebrew University launched Einstein Archives website

The updated and expanded Einstein Archives website containing a complete catalog of more than 80,000 documents


New Degree Opportunities at the Hebrew University for prospective UK students

Brand new FOUR YEAR UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMME leading to a BA (Hons) degree at Israel’s premier university


Two Hebrew University musicology professors named Israel Prize winners

Prof. Dalia Cohen and Prof. Ruth Katz of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have been chosen as the winners of the Israel Prize in musicology, culture and art for 2012


Israel Prize for Mathematics and Computer Science goes to Hebrew University's Prof. David Kazhdan

Prof. Kazhdan will receive the prize for his important contributions to group theory research


Want to win over your opponents? Put on your baby face

New research shows that subtle changes in appearance affect the chances that an enemy's peace offer will be accepted

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