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About Charlotte Prince z"l

BFHU team was very sorry to hear about the death of Charlotte Prince z”l, who used to work for BFHU for more than 30 years. She died at the age of 97. 


Charlotte ILse Prinz was born on 2nd January 1914 to Lucie (neé Eger) and Heinrich Prinz in Berlin. Her father was a lawyer. Her mother was descended from an old Jewish rabbinical family and was distantly related to the famous Jewish scholar Rabbi Akiba Eger (b 1761). Family records can be traced back to 1508.

Charlotte had a very happy childhood and was an only child. She took her Abitur examination in 1933 and as German universities were already closed to Jews, went to Basle University to study German and History. The following year, with the` rapidly worsening situation for Jews in Germany, Charlotte emigrated to England. Her parents emigrated to Holland, but were trapped there and sent to Auschwitz.

As a 20-year old, in England, Charlotte first studied and then found secretarial employment. With the exception of the war years, when she had to find secretarial employment classified as being of national importance, Charlotte's whole working life was spent working in Jewish charitable organisations. Up to 1940, Charlotte was a case-worker in the Jewish Refugees Committee and after the war worked for over 30 years as Financial Secretary for the Friends of the Hebrew University.

Charlotte's main interests were literature, music, archaeology and travelling. She shared her home for 45 years with her late 1st cousin Susan Prince.

Charlotte was a woman of great intelligence. She was knowledgeable and articulate, kind, generous and also very modest. She had a long and productive life, despite the tragic events and major obstacles that occurred. She will be sorely missed by family and friends.





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