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A First: Scientists Show That Bacteria Can Evolve a Biological Timer to Survive Antibiotic Treatment

Hebrew University research shows that quantitative approaches from Physics can be used to address fundamental as well as clinically relevant issues in Biology


Did the Khazars Convert to Judaism? New Research Says ‘No’

Hebrew University professor cites lack of any reliable source for conversion story


British Friends supported, International Masters in Public Health Student receives Prize for Thesis

Dr Rene Galera has been awarded with Faculty of Medicine Prizes for Excellence in a MPH Thesis


HU graduate student invents world’s first bacteria-free food packaging

Invention that prevents food packaging contamination wins Kaye Innovation Award for Hebrew University student


UNESCO Launches Postponed Exhibition on Jewish Connection to Holy Land

Hebrew University's Prof Robert Wistrich authored "People, Book, Land:The 3500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People with the Holy Land"


Hebrew University Convocation Ceremony

President Shimon Peres, EC President Barroso, Nobel Laureate Kahneman among Honourees and 336 Doctoral Graduates


Celebrating Einstein

The 99th Anniversary of the General Theory of Relativity


Chief Rabbi’s delegation visits the Hebrew University

Largest gathering of rabbis since the university's opening,learns about Hebrew University Tikkun Olam programmes to heal the world


Opening of Confucius Institute Furthers HU's Internationalization and relations with China

The Vice Prime-Minister of The People's Republic of China, Mme. Liu Yandong, led a delegation of senior ministers and university presidents to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


How Octopuses Don’t Tie Themselves in Knots

Hebrew University research may help advance bio-inspired robot design


Researchers reveal protein’s role in preventing growth of heart muscle leading to heart failure

Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine researchers show for the first time that the protein Erbin is an important brake that helps prevent pathological cardiac hypertrophy


Human pluripotent stem cells generated from adult cells may change the face of medicine

Major step toward future therapies for combating life-threatening diseases by cell replacement


The Hebrew University Commemorates Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel

In honor of Remembrance Day, which begins on the evening of May 5 2014, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem remember the fallen †our friends, sisters, brothers, students and staff


The HU Faculty of Medicine new research that will help in the fight against cancer

Dr. Rotem Karni at the HU Faculty of Medicine and graduate student Avi Maimon are making discoveries that will help in the fight against cancer


Pears Foundation visit to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The HU recently welcomed The Pears Foundation with the visit of Trevor Pears and Dina Gidron who spent time in meetings to review long-supported international scholarship programmes in public health, agriculture and community development.


The Israeli first academic marathon


HU candidates enrolled for the first time will experience 24-hour set of fascinating lectures of the best professors in the various faculties of the university.


How do we differ from Neanderthals, and why did we outlive extinct humanoid types?

The answer lies in changes in the way our genes work, Hebrew University and European scientists show in unique analysis with archaic humans


UK Labour leader Ed Miliband held wide-ranging Q&A with HU students

Miliband made the comments at the HU's Mount Scopus campus, where he answered questions from about 200 Hebrew University students during the first public appearance of his three-day visit to Israel.


£10 million Anglo-Israel BIRAX initiative

BIRAX, the Britain - Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership,is a £10 million initiative of the British Council and British Embassy in Israel


Wildflower exhibit recalls artist's role in saving Israel's flora

Exhibition "A Rare Breed - Wildflowers of Israel" is open to the public Sunday-Thursday, 9 AM - 4 PM,at HU's Mount Scopus campus, small Stern Gallery


Qlight Nanotech Wins Best Nanotechnology Company of the Year Award at NanoIsrael 2014

Qlight Nanotech encompasses a winning combination of outstanding technology originating from the Hebrew University together with a leading international industry partner.


British Minister at the Hebrew University: There are no UK boycotts of Israeli academia

Attributes decrease in Israeli students in UK to false perception of Britain as hostile


Prof. Haim Levy Wins Israel Prize — the Third for Hebrew University Faculty in 2014

Prof. Levy honored as a world leader in the study of political and managerial science


Israel Prize in Medicine awarded to Hebrew University's Prof. Marta Weinstock-Rosin

Developed blockbuster drug Exelon at Hebrew University's School of Pharmacy in Faculty of Medicine


New Grant Funds Hebrew University Research on Osetosarcoma

Will investigate the role of microRNAs in osteosarcoma development and progression


Prize for Excellence in Life Sciences awarded to HU's Prof. Yuval Dor

Abisch-Frenkel Foundation recognizes outstanding research relevant to pancreatic cancer, diabetes


New treatment proposed to prevent devastating intestinal inflammation in cancer patients

Hebrew University research based on mouse disease model


HU PhD student wins Gold Medal at Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore

Proposed system to detect dangerous materials in large water supply systems


President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz received HU Honorary Doctorate

Comments made as he received Hebrew University honorary doctorate for his leadership, dedication to human rights, and efforts to deepen EU relations with Israel and its universities


Yissum introduces a novel method to develop next-generation batteries

Novel sodium-ion battery is an environmentally friendly, economic and efficient solution for a variety of applications including electric vehicles and stationary storage for renewable energies


Hebrew University professor named as Israel's chief scientist

Nurit Yirmiya, an expert on childhood autism, is a tenured professor and former dean of students at Hebrew University


Israel Prize will be awarded to HU's Prof. Yosef Kaplan for his work on history of Jewish people

Prof. Yosef Kaplan will become the 271st Hebrew University faculty member or graduate to win the Israel Prize


HU launches one-year English MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Program includes professional internship during all three semesters, and access to Israel's business hub of innovation, hi-tech firms and start-ups


New molecule protects brain from detrimental effects linked to diabetes and high blood sugar

Potential to lower diabetic patients higher risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease


The Bonita Trust continues to support Hebrew University International Programmes

The Bonita Trust (Gibraltar) has generously committed to further its support for scholars at leading international courses of the Hebrew University


Yissum introduces Low-Cost Copper Conducting Nano-Inks

Printed electronics have become a major technology in the electronic industry, since it provides the ability to wire electronic components and circuits with ease and precision


Scientists find a new mechanism underlying depression

Hebrew University research could lead to efficient and fast-acting antidepressant drugs


How best to go about getting seed money through crowdfunding?

It can be by touting yourself,the Hebrew University research reveals the answer


President Shimon Peres awarded two HU doctoral students with grants for Brain Research

Tzion Yarden and Niv Regev, two doctoral students from the Hebrew University in brain research received research grants in the amount of 200,000 NIS each from President Shimon Peres


A step toward development of drugs for diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's

Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine have found aging retardant consist that could be used as a remedy against degenerative diseases


Israel's First Muslim law professor joins HU Faculty of Law

Former President of Sharia Court Qadi Ahmad Natour has been appointed an Associate Professor at the HU Faculty of Law


Malaria Conference Look to Israel’s Past for Modern Solutions

Techniques that worked decades ago could help stop the annual 660,000 malaria deaths


World’s Smallest Menorah Created By Hebrew University Lab

Brojde Lab,Israel's only Nanoscribe system, shows revolutionary new technology by building world's tiniest hanukkiah


Meet IMPH Henry & Leah Cohen Scholars

Its our pleasure to introduce two International Master of Public Health scholars - Jing Luo,a journalist from China and Dr Umeda Sadykova from Tajikistan


The European Friends of the Hebrew University Conference

The European Friends of the Hebrew University have been holding prestigious biennial Conferences in major European cities that have included Venice, Madrid and Prague.


Hebrew University participates in 6-million euro European research initiative on the source of pain

HU is among 11 universities, medical centers and research institutes participating in a new research project that aims at further explring the biological mechanisms underlying chronic pain


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University and HU Launch Research Consortium

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia CEO Steven M. Altschuler, Drexel University President John A. Fry, and HU of Jerusalem President Menahem Ben-Sasson signed a research agreement


900 Early Holocaust Interviews Available Online for the First Time

HU's Oral History Division launched a new website where the public can search and access to Holocaust related voice regording and transcripts.


Biological Solution for Purifying Aquarium Water

Yissum Research Development Company of the HU introduces an environmentally-friendly, biological solution for purifying water in aquariums


Israel's First in-Flight Call with International Space Station (ISS)

HU students had a live conversation with astronauts on the International Space Station.


Call to action by Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson to “Stop the brain drain”

Two news stories emerged that indicate Israel is in danger and needs to rethink its national priorities.


Increase in humanities enrollment in current academic year

Mourning the decline in the study of the humanities in Israeli higher education has been shown to be premature - at least at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Eating more calories in the morning, shown to assist in overcoming fertility problems

A new study by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University reveals that eating a good breakfast can have a positive impact on women with problems of infertility.


Supreme Court President (Ret.) Dorit Beinisch Joins the Faculty of Law

An interview with Supreme Court President (Ret.) Dorit Bainisch as she joins the Law Faculty at the Hebrew University


International biomedical science student wins first prize for dental bacteria remedy

Greek student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem International master's in biomedical science program, has earned first prize in an international competition organized by the European Association of Orthodontists


Ancient Golden Treasure at Temple Mount

"Ophel Treasure" includes gold medallion with Menorah, Torah and Shofar etchings


Breakthrough in memory technologies at the Hebrew University

Small, fast and not so demanding: breakthrough in memory technologies could bring fast computing, small memory devices and low power consumption


Curvy Plastic Tube Protects Against Obesity

students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Biodesign programme developed a new type of gastric sleeve, called MetaboShield, in order to to solve the problem of obesity


'Braintoons' Exhibition is the Brainchild of Israel's Top Cartoonists and Neuroscientists

On display until July 18 at Jerusalem's First Station


Universities in Singapore and Israel launch joint biomedical science PhD programme

National University of Singapore and Hebrew University of Jerusalem to promote training and research in biomedical science starting August 2013


4.5 Million Euros Granted for German-Israeli Research Programme on 'Human Rights Under Pressure'

German Research Foundation (DFG) and Einstein Foundation Berlin to fund a collaborative doctoral research programme at the Freie Universität Berlin and Hebrew University of Jerusalem


A Hebrew University milestone: more women than men will obtain doctorates in the exact sciences

This is the first year that more women than men will receive a doctorate in the exact sciences: 120 women compared to 104 men


HU professor top Kaye Award winner for research towards solution of bee colony collapse disorder

Research leading towards a solution to the problem of colony collapse disorder (CCD) has earned a Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor first prize in this year Kaye Awards for Innovation


Germany's Justice Minister Visits Hebrew University

University's relationships with German government and institutions continue to grow


Israel and Britain signed Today Memorandum of Understanding on Science Cooperation

The memorandum sets out five priority areas of science cooperation between the UK and Israel


Prince Albert II of Monaco Attends Hebrew University Concert

The "Violins of Hope" has been rescued and restored after the Second World War


Morgan Freeman was presented with the Jake Eberts Key of Knowledge Award

The Gala recption of the HU Camadian Friends raised $2 million for Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada


Netanyahu will be present at the signing of a cooperation agreement with China

The cooperation agreement establishes a Confucius Institute at the Hebrew University


President Obama in Israel – impressed by Hebrew University Technology

President Obama’s historic visit to Israel featured a demonstration of MobilEye, the groundbreaking technology developed by Professor Amnon Shashua from the Hebrew University


Hebrew University Online Course Attracts Iranian, Lebanese And Saudi Students

An article published on the nocamles.com


Hebrew University to begin construction of new brain sciences building

the new building will be home to the largest neuroscience center in Israel and one of the most ambitious in the world


Olive oil certification course at the Hebrew University

Students studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel will have the chance to increase their expertise in olive oil


Hebrew University helps Arab students

The Hebrew University has high hopes of dismantling the “obstacle course†facing Arab students in higher education.


Hebrew University recognised by Times Higher Education list

The Hebrew University is one of only two institutions in the Middle East to appear on an annual list of the top 100 universities around the world


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in white

A beautiful snow covered the Hebrew University of Jerusalem this morning


Max Planck-Hebrew University Centre for Brain Research launched

First in this field involving German and Israeli scientists


Candidates debate election issues at Hebrew University

Hebrew University pre-election debate shows sharp differences on Israeli-Palestinian talks, though agreement on other issues


Important element in road towards development of new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases

Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers, along with others from Israel and the US, presented their findings of a previously undescribed cellular mechanism which is essential for keeping cellular calcium concentration low. This mechanism operates tog 03-01-2013

News for conservationists: Scientists challenge current theories about natural habitats and species

Provides scientists and policymakers with insights for selecting and managing conservation areas

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