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International M.Sc. Programmes - Scholarships

There are several UNIVERSITY-ADMINISTERED SCHOLARSHIPS which have been generously donated by:

The Pears Foundation
The Jonny Fraser Memorial Scholarship Fund 

The number of these scholarships is limited, and they are intended for outstanding students from developing countries in need of financial assistance. It is hoped that scholarship recipients will use the knowledge gained in order to become instruments for positive change in their home countries.

A few scholarships are specifically designated for, or give preference to, the candidate's geographic origin or group (e.g., from Mexico, Palestinians).

All are partial scholarships, requiring the applicant to find supplementary funding.
Supplementary funding is generally:

  1. between $1,000 - $4,000 (depending on the specific scholarship offered)
  2. cost of transportation to and from Israel (which varies according to country)
  3. the refundable $1,000 deposit (see Financial Information)

Once a scholarship is offered, the candidate must submit documentation of supplementary funding within a very limited period of time. If this documentation is submitted and deemed acceptable, the deposit must be paid to confirm acceptance of the scholarship and participation in the program, again within a restricted time-frame. If documentation is not submitted on time or if the deposit is not paid, the offer is withdrawn and the scholarship is offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.

Candidates are urged to SEEK FUNDING in their native countries and/or from international organizations from an early stage.

To apply for a University-administered scholarship, fill out the University-administered Scholarship Application Form and include it in your application package.

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