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M.Sc. Plant Sciences

The international M.Sc. in Agriculture majoring in Plant Sciences (Horticulture or Field and Vegetable Crops) leads to a fully-accredited non-thesis M.Sc. degree from the Hebrew University.

The next international M.Sc. programme in Plant Sciences will be held during the 2014-15 academic year from October 2014 – September 2015.

Applications will be accepted beginning November 2013.

The achievements of Israeli agriculture have been acclaimed world-wide. At its inception, the country was largely arid, rock-ridden and overgrown with weeds, with bare mountains, barren fields, infested marshes, and an undeveloped water supply as well. Even some of its most basic foods were imported. Today, Israel is a largely-fertile and blooming country, which exports its own agricultural products. It has become a leader in irrigation systems, groundwater management, crop production, animal husbandry, horticulture, biotechnology, biological and integrated pest control, and more. It is a showcase demonstrating the ability of man to work with nature in order to create a friendlier environment.

One of the key factors in this success has been the close relationship between growers working in the fields, research and development teams in industry and the academic community. Continual mutual feedback makes research more responsive to real-life needs, and gives those working in the field the advantage of immediate access to new developments in the laboratories of the academic institutions.

At the heart of this academic community is the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The Hebrew University is one of the most prominent and respected institutions in the world. It has the only Faculty of Agriculture in Israel, enjoying a unique status in the country. The Faculty acts as Israel's main source for the training of teachers, extension officers and researchers in this area. The campus is located in Rehovot, some 55 kms southwest of the main campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and 30 kms southeast of Tel Aviv.

The Faculty's Division for International Studies conducts a variety of programs, among them long- and short-term international courses (in English) at the highest levels. Participants have an opportunity to acquire advanced academic knowledge and to observe up-to-date practical applications. Simultaneously, they develop a network of contacts with staff, colleagues and others who share their interests.

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