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GLOCAL introduction

The Glocal Community-Development Studies program is a new MA program at the Faculty of Social Science at the Hebrew University. The two-year program provides tools for the effective translation of academic perspectives into practical know-how conducive to work with communities across the globe. An integral part the program is the semester-long internship with an international NGO, held in the third semester of the program.

If you are an individual with a global perspective on the one hand, and an appreciation for local solutions on the other, come join a program which offers a unique opportunity to gain development expertise and to play a meaningful role in advancing communities both in Israel and across the world.

Glocal Community Development Studies is an innovative, interdisciplinary two-year Master's program whichaims to effectively translate academic research into practical understanding conducive to work with communities and development organizations across the globe. To this end, an integral part of the

Glocal program is the internship - which serves to supplement each student's academic learning with a grounded local experience.

As one of the few English-language Master's programs offered at the Hebrew University, Glocal also strives to be accessible to a range of students, especially those coming from abroad.

Join Glocal's multicultural and multi-ethnic student body, and be part of a holistic learning experience and alternative approach to student life and study.  Become part of a new generation of development professionals- equipped with the latest theories and expertise on the one hand, and capable of comprehending and engaging with the complexities of the challenges facing marginalized communities in the developing world on the other.


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