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Masada revisited

Marking the 50th anniversary of the famous 1963 ‘dig’ at Masada, BFHU sponsored a commemorative lecture by Dr Guy Stiebel of the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology.  Since 2010, Dr Stiebel has been the Director of the archaeological expedition to Masada (HU).  At his talk entitled ‘Past, Present and Future - The Excavations at Masada’ 100 guests enjoyed a provocative and engaging illustrated lecture.  The audience included 35 of the volunteers who participated in the Masada dig over 50 years ago.

On 11 August 1963, under the headline "New siege of Herod's fort", the Observer published an appeal for international volunteers to join the excavation of Masada, the site of King Herod the Great's palace, in the Judean desert. 5000 volunteers, from 28 countries, took part in the excavation in the 1960s.

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Dr Guy Stiebel, Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology, speaking at the London Jewish Museum

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