The British Friends of the Hebrew University [BFHU] was founded in 1926 with a mission to support all aspects of the development and academic research excellence of the Hebrew University including research projects, scholarships and capital programmes such as buildings, facilities and equipment.

We also support student and academic collaboration, helping where possible with scholarships and bursaries and more broadly promote the University’s achievements.

Through the philanthropic leadership of the British Friends throughout the UK, the Hebrew University has been helped to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, build teaching and research facilities, provide scholarships and fellowships and advance basic and applied research in myriad vital fields.

BFHU’s programmes, events and missions to Israel promote greater appreciation of the Hebrew University’s breadth and scope of achievements and the university’s pivotal role in educating leaders for the State of Israel. By nurturing Israel’s greatest natural resource – the intellectual strength of the nation’s people – BFHU helps the Hebrew University to improve human health, lead the way with agricultural innovation, spearhead the latest breakthroughs in brain sciences and illuminate the world through the humanities.