01/03/2020 - 20/03/2020
2:00 pm

Webinar with Prof. Avraham Kluger on “The Soft Power of Listening” – Catch up Now

Speaker: Prof. Avraham Kluger

In the webinar, Prof. Kluger gives an insider’s view on how conversational patterns reinforce relational roles, and explains the hidden power of listening, a power that can increase both wellbeing and effectiveness.

Prof. Kluger's studies have shown that feeling understood not only strengthens relational bonds but also enhances life satisfaction. People warm up more quickly to strangers who “get” them. In addition, when felt listened to, people adopt less extreme attitudes.

More specifically, Prof. Kluger has studied the importance of listening in the work environment and discovered that successful people often have good listening skills. Leaders who listen well "are perceived as people leaders, generate more trust, instill higher job satisfaction, and increase their team's creativity."

In the spring 2020 semester, Prof. Kluger will teach a course on Managerial Listening Skills in English at the Hebrew University’s Jerusalem School of Business Administration. Students will learn how to become more influential, by acquiring both a cognitive understanding of listening, and the soft skills that strongly impact business and life in general.

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