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Ray of Hope

Hebrew University scientists are working with Jordanian colleagues to improve air quality in the region and reduce transboundary pollution transport


Catching Terrorists Red Handed!

A scientist at the Hebrew University has discovered a way to literally catch terrorists red-handed


Bacteria "talking to each other"

Development of a new class of antibiotic medications could be on its way as a result of research by Hebrew University scientists


"Land of Milk and Honey"

Archaeological proof of the Biblical description of Israel really as “the land of milk and honey” (or at least the latter) has been uncovered


New Way to Combat Wrinkles

Antioxidant to retard wrinkles has been discovered by Hebrew University researcher


Role Seen for Cannabis in Helping Alleviate Allergic Skin Disease

Administering a substance found in the cannabis plant can help the body’s natural protective system alleviate an allergic skin disease


Korean Mummies may Provide Clues to Combat Hepatitis B

For the first time ever samples of hepatitis B have been found on mummified bodies which could provide crucial information in the evolution of the virus


HU Accepted into International Ivy League of Advanced Institutes

The Hebrew University is the tenth member to join the consortium of the world's leading advanced academic institutes


No More Choking and Burning Eyes!

Allergies, like the common cold and asthma, have defied the best efforts of modern medicine to cure them - now an HU student has come up with a new approach that offers hope for getting rid of them


New Method for Combating Prostate Cancer

A method of inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer cells has been developed by the Hebrew University


Miniature Robot for Keyhole Neurosurgery

An invention by an HU researcher has made it possible for a tiny robot to be used in keyhole neurosurgery


Observing Brain Cell Development in "real time"

For the first time anywhere, a researcher at the Hebrew University has succeeded in observing the generation of neurons in the brain of a mammal in "real time"


King Herod's Tomb Discovered

The long search for Herod the Great’s tomb has ended with the exposure of the remains of his grave on Mount Herodium’s northeastern slope


Siblings of Autistic Children Affected

Younger siblings of children with autism are at risk to suffer from delayed verbal, cognitive and motor development in their early childhood years


German Chancellor to receive honorary doctorate

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to receive an honorary doctor of philosophy degree from the Hebrew University


Success of electrical treatment for tumour removal

Potential breakthrough in minimally invasive surgical removal of tumours has been demonstrated by Hebrew University Professor


Australians Aborigine Youth

Educators of Australian Aborigine youth visited Israel to learn about educational Hebrew University-sponsored programs for children


HU breaks new ground

Hebrew University launches the most comprehensive and cooperative vehicle for cross-disciplinary scientific research ever undertaken


Melanie Phillips Warns of Growing Threat

Outspoken Daily mail columnist warns of growing threat of Islamic fundamentalism in Britain


The Iranian Threat

One day conference entitled "In the Eye of the Storm: Iran in Global Perspectives" held at the Hebrew University

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