The British Friends of the Hebrew University alumni group seeks to maintain a lifelong association with former graduates of Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Alumni Office was established to maintain and build relationships with alumni of the Hebrew University and to raise money for our primary purposes of education and research.

The objectives of the BFHU alumni group are to encourage members to keep in touch with and to promote the interests of one another and the Hebrew University. The major way it achieves this is by organising several events every year for graduates to meet, network and keep in touch with their contemporaries. The level of commitment amongst past graduates is second to none.

Once students have left the university, BFHU alumni helps them keep in touch with their contemporaries through its regular e-newsletters and at alumni events that are held throughout the year. We are always pleased to hear from our alumni and to see you at BFHU events.

Alumni are ambassadors of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and The State of Israel.

For more information, call Simon Arenson, Director of Development on 020 8349 5757 or email: @HebrewU facebook