Student Grants

BFHU is a major source of UK scholarship funding to the University; one of our key goals is to do our utmost to ensure that British students have an opportunity to study at the Hebrew University.

We believe that money should never be an obstacle to achievement and we offer scholarship awards based on merit and need. We cannot offer full scholarships but endeavour to help all our students meet their financial needs whenever we can.*

In addition, many of the Hebrew University’s programmes are MASA accredited. MASA is an Israeli government initiative designed to encourage diaspora Jews aged 17 to 30 to come to Israel to study. Any Jewish student under the age of 30 wishing to study in Israel for a semester or longer will be eligible for an Israeli government scholarship.

BFHU offers limited funding to Hebrew University graduates who wish to study in the UK.

Contact Gill Benson on 020 8349 5757 or email: to talk further about financial assistance available to British students for academic year 2020/21 onwards.

*Terms & conditions apply

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