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11 September 2019

AUTM ASIA 2019 is being jointed hosted by YISSUM, and led by some of the world’s most experienced and successful tech transfer professionals!Read More

Hebrew University Celebrates Einstein’s 140th Birthday with Special Exhibit in China

2 August 2019

A unique exhibit with original materials belonging to Albert Einstein will open today at the World Expo Museum in Shanghai, China. The exhibition, called “Albert Einstein: Life in Four Dimensions”, contains handwritten documents, scientific theorems, original pictures and personal objects belonging to man who discovered that E=mc2.Read More

HU Scientific Breakthrough: The mechanism for gamma-ray bursts from space is decoded

31 July 2019

The mechanism, published by Prof. Tsvi Piran of the Hebrew University and other researchers, was deciphered following an eruption observed last January, and describes how a stream of particles moving towards us at close to light speed emits the gamma radiationRead More

Not Just Images: Hebrew University’s New MRI Technique Can “See” Molecular Changes in the Brain

30 July 2019

MRI’s give us a picture of our body’s insides—organs, bones, nerves and soft tissue. But what if MRI’s could show us the molecular makeup of our body parts, and help doctors more quickly determine the onset of disease and begin treatment?Read More

New British Ambassador Tours Hebrew University

18 July 2019

Just a few weeks in his new role as Britain’s Ambassador to Israel, HE Neil Wigan OBE enjoyed his first visit to the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campusRead More

Hebrew University Researchers Have Found Biblical Ziklag

10 July 2019

Researchers from the Hebrew University, the Israel Antiquities Authority and Macquarie University in Sydney have discovered this biblical site from the time of King David near Kiryat Gat. Dozens of complete pottery vessels have been found at the 3,000-year-old siteRead More

Innovate 2019, London, sponsored by the Hebrew University

1 July 2019

UK Israel Business is the leading UK-Israel business connector nurturing the dynamic growth of business and investment between the two countries.Read More

How the Hebrew University commercialises technologies

1 July 2019

Last week the European Friends of the Hebrew University held an on-line Webinar with Dr Yaron Daniely on the subject of "Commercializing Academic Technologies".Read More