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A Tiger May Not Change its Spots but Venomous Creatures Tweak Their Venom Recipe Many Times in a Lifetime

5 March 2018

Many animals use venom to protect themselves from predators and to catch prey. Some, like jellyfish, have tentacles, while others, like bees and snakes use stingers and fangs to inject their prey with venomous toxins.Read More

Jews and Arabs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: They are fellow students. Can they be friends, too?

22 February 2018

The university is one of the few places in Jerusalem where Jews and Arabs come in contact. Here they talk about prejudice, false kindness - and what is more important than learning together.Read More

Packed audience learns about Autism

30 January 2018

Prof Cory Shulman, head of the Hebrew University Centre for Autism addressed a large audience on Tuesday 30 January explaining the work of the Centre and some of her own research.  Response was so positive that after formalities Prof Shulman found herself assailed by many of the guests requesting further information both professional and personal.Read More

Israel’s gift to Africa

22 January 2018

Israel’s gift to Africa Jerusalem public health program continues to attract African studentsRead More

Albert Einstein Heads to Taiwan

11 January 2018

Einstein’s Nobel Prize, Theory of Relativity, Letters to Lovers and Vinyl Record Collection on Display at First-Ever Asia ExhibitRead More

Centre for Jewish Art

21 December 2017

Centre for Jewish ArtRead More

Friend or Foe? How the Unconscious Mind Picks Out Faces in a Crowd

18 December 2017

Hebrew University Researcher Discovers Dominance and Threat Top the List of Faces a Brain will Quickly Register Within a CrowdRead More

The Inaugural Annual Sacher Lecture

4 December 2017

Prof. Robert Post delivered the Inaugural Annual Sacher Lecture, a fascinating and important lecture on freedom of speech in the University.Read More

A simple test to identify diseases from dying cells could save lives

25 June 2017

Prof. Yuval Dor and Dr. Ruth Shemer receive Kaye Innovation Award for developing a way to detect specific tissue damage from a blood sampleRead More

Algorithm leads to a dramatic improvement in drug discovery methods  

22 June 2017

An algorithm developed at the Hebrew University cuts through the immense number of possible solutions to shorten drug discovery times from years to monthsRead More