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BFHU Women’s Group Chanukah party

11 December 2018

The BFHU Women’s Group held their ever-popular Chanukah party in early December, kindly hosted by the Committee’s Vice President, Mrs Stella Lucas, with guests enjoying an evening of musical entertainment with candle-lighting and festive refreshmentsRead More

Hundreds of Photos Found From When Israel’s War of Independence Raged

10 December 2018

From a burning photography store, Moshe Carmel rescued four albums whose bounty starts with the Muslim-Jewish riots of 1929. The pictures are now on display in JerusalemRead More

Year-End Bonus Time? Better Hope the Boss is NOT Your Friend, New Study Finds

3 December 2018

In a series of eight studies using workplace scenarios, the researchers found that when managers had to decide whether an employee deserved a bonus, they were less likely to award one to a deserving employee who was also a friend if news of the bonus would be made public. They feared being seen as playing favorites. Instead, they often awarded bonus to a less-deserving but non-friend employeesRead More

Letter reveals Einstein’s fears of growing nationalism, anti-Semitism

19 November 2018

The 1922 letter shows he was concerned about Germany's future a full year before the Nazis attempted their first coup — the failed Munich Beer Hall PutschRead More

Counting (on) Sheep? Promising Gene Therapy for Visually-Impaired Sheep Now Safe for Human Trials

19 November 2018

Based on these promising findings, the FDA has approved clinical trials for human patients and several U.S. medical centres have already begun using this therapy to treat patients with achromatopsiaRead More

Hebrew University team develops shape-shifting 3D printed pills for better targeted drugs

15 November 2018

Researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a new way to create drug capsules using 3D printers, a step that will help pave the way for pills that can be tailored to perform better than the conventional capsules manufactured todayRead More

Big Boost for Jerusalem Hebrew University-Bezalel-Azrieli Consortium Wins First Place—and $5 Million Dollar Award—to Create Jerusalem Entrepreneurship Centre

13 November 2018

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, along with the Bezalel Academy of Design and Azrieli College of Engineering, received a 20 million NIS grant from Israel’s Council for Higher Education to establish an entrepreneurship and innovation centre in downtown JerusalemRead More

Hebrew University Researchers Discover Promising Treatment for Aggressive Brain Tumors

12 November 2018

Glioblastoma is a serious and incurable brain cancer. Patients receiving this diagnosis typically have 11-20 months to live. Professor Rotem Karni and his team at Hebrew University’s Institute for Medical Research-Israel Canada (IMRIC) share promising results for a new glioblastoma treatment with the potential to improve and extend patients’ livesRead More

Is an HIV cure on the immediate horizon? A major medical breakthrough delivers hope

8 November 2018

RESEARCHERS believe they are on the cusp of developing a cure for HIV, after a ground-breaking initial human trial of a drug eliminated the virusRead More


30 October 2018

The Express Licensing Campaign will aim to dramatically simplify technology licensing.Read More