Research & Scholarships

Research & Scholarships

Research & Scholarships

“A pluralistic institution, where science and knowledge are developed for the benefit of humankind, in an atmosphere free of discrimination and prejudice”

Professor Albert Einstein, Founder of the Hebrew University, August 1925


The Hebrew University is Israel’s foremost academic institution and one of the world’s leading centres of learning and research, ranked in the top ½% of the world’s universities. The majority of Supreme Court justices are Hebrew University graduates along with a quarter of the members of the Knesset, prominent business leaders, actors, scientists and entrepreneurs – as well as 8 Nobel Prize winners in the last two decades.


Israel is known for its research and technology prowess and for its daring and innovative approaches to expanding knowledge.

Hebrew University researchers are at the forefront of efforts to address some of the world’s most intractable challenges including health, environment, food, water, sustainability, technology, leadership and peace. In recent times, many Hebrew University teams have been focusing on COVID-19, including prevention and cure. Researchers across these wide-ranging disciplines collaborate across every continent as well as within Israel including taking advantage of the medical faculty’s unique co-location adjacent to the acclaimed Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Supporting research work goes to the core of the Hebrew University’s purpose - to find answers to problems which afflict humanity.

Scholarship opportunities

A university education is a key qualification for many positions in modern society but Israel’s students face unique challenges. Most complete IDF military service before starting their higher education. Older than their British counterparts, Israeli students often have families and young children to support.

At the same time, the cost of a degree continues to rise and government grants continue to be cut. Each year 14,000 of the University’s 23,000 students apply for financial aid, without which they could not afford to study.

The British Friends’ Scholarship Campaign funds many scholarships, providing students with the means to investigate discover and share their findings with the global community.

Hear from students and researchers how your support helps and impacts

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Join us in investing in Israel’s future leaders, innovators and Nobel Prize winners

Make an annual donation

Your gift could support a student (or a group of students) for one or more years of their degree or research programmes at any of the 6 faculties.


Larger donations help build a lasting endowment, designed to provide a fully funded annual scholarship or research programme over multiple years.

Donor recognition

Once a year we will send you a written report about your donation recipient, accompanied by a personal note of thanks. We can also arrange for you to meet your grantee on campus when you are visiting Israel – always an inspiring occasion.

The Hebrew University seeks to honour its supporters appropriately. There are many British names inscribed on the Walls of Recognition on the Mount Scopus Campus, overlooking the Old City. Each summer, the University dedicates inscriptions at an unveiling ceremony for family and friends.

Research & Scholarships


Scholarship costs

Full annual tuition scholarships currently start at £2,850 for undergraduates; Masters and PhD grants can also be made. As well as financial need criteria, the Hebrew University also awards scholarships based on academic promise, demonstrated academic and research achievements or a combination of these factors. Contact us for details.

Your donation can be worth 25% more at no extra cost to you if you are a UK taxpayer – you just need to sign a Gift Aid declaration. Higher rate taxpayers receive additional tax relief

Please call Alison Baker on 020 8349 5757 or email: for more information.