Number 1 in Israel

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the foremost university in Israel, regularly ranked in the top 100 universities in the world – along with Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge.

An international experience

Thanks to the global stature of the Hebrew University and its and strong ties with leading institutions across the globe, students enjoy many opportunities to integrate an international experience with their course of study. It attracts around 1,200 overseas students from 70 countries worldwide and they all come to experience one of the most vibrant, connected, cross-cultural and open-minded universities in the world. International students are invited to Israel to experience the outstanding, first-class overseas study abroad programs offered at the Rothberg International School and taught in English.

The Rothberg International School is the international study centre of the Hebrew University, with courses designed to open inquisitive minds to new areas of knowledge and inquiry.

Choose from summer courses, gap year or an ulpan or become a full-time student at the University for an Undergraduate year abroad or a master’s degree.

The power to influence

The Hebrew University runs dozens of social involvement projects including counselling for residents of distressed areas, helping youth at risk, and legal aid for socioeconomically disadvantaged sectors of society. Many different social and political movements and organizations operate here, and students are invited to participate in actions for social change to help create an egalitarian society, and to assist in making Jerusalem’s young people a leading and influential force in the city.

And some other reasons…

Hebrew University students enjoy a rich community atmosphere and lots of cultural and recreational options in Israel’s most fascinating city

The British Friends of the Hebrew University provides scholarship funding to students every year

The university’s support system provides advice, counselling and support to students with learning disabilities and ADHD, students with accessibility issues, and minority students

The university has advanced sports centres with elaborate and spacious gyms, swimming pools, athletics stadium, tennis courts and dance studios.

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