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Art and the Brain

Between Two Cultures – Art & the Brain 

Save the Date - 11 September 2008

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Einstein expressed the relationship between mass and energy in a simple equation: E=mc2. Similarly, neurobiologists today look for those natural and universal laws in the brain’s nervous system which enable us to see and move, to create art and science, to love and remember, and to be conscious of what surrounds us.

The brain governs laws that allow us to perceive colour and form, distance and movement –used by artists when they create aesthetic experiences. In order to better understand the relationship between creativity and the brain, the optical system in the brain that reflects art needs to be understood.

During a 3 day workshop between Hebrew University scientists and top Israeli artists, the scientists discovered that every artist proceeds in a different way when moving a creative idea forward before reaching an artistic result.

Is it possible to fully decipher how the brain governs the area of art? In fact should we even try? Would it be better to keep it as an unresolved mystery and simply work around it (as this mystery is the very force that inspires the artist’s creativity)?

Join us in an unforgettable evening with renowned Professor Idan Segev, Head of the Neurobiology Department, Institute Life Sciences, and of Computational Neuroscience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as he gives a fascinating insight into the connection between art and the brain.

When: 11 September 2008

Where: NW London art gallery

PLEASE NOTE: E-invites with full details of the event will be emailed to the alumni database on 23 July.

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