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Did you know? Facts about the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel’s first university, established in 1925
  Its founding board’s distinguished personalities included Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Chaim Weitzman and Sigmund Freud
  The Hebrew University has produced leaders in all spheres of Israeli society
  Nobel Laureates in the last 6 years
  273 Israel Prizes
  14 Wolf Prizes
  1 Fields medal in Mthematics
  30 EMET Prizes

The 2012 Israel Prize for Mathematics and Computer Science was awardees to the Hebrew University

  89 Rothschild prizes were awarded to the Hebrew University
  33% of all civilian research in Israel is conducted by Hebrew University researchers, rising to 40% in Medicine and 70% in Microbiology
  The Hebrew University is the only Israeli University in the Top 100 Academic Institutions in the World
  The Hebrew University is ranked 59th by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Index for year 2012
  The Hebrew University is a leading recipient of European research Council Grants alongside Oxford & Cambridge
  Some 110,000 students of the Hebrew University have had degrees conferred upon them
  Yissum, the University’s technology transfer company, has registered over 1600 patents, producing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease,
Parkinson’s disease and Cancer
  Yissum holds over 530 technology licenses

The University is famed for its many projects aimed at integration and reconciliation and is noted for regional and international collaboration and the sharing of expert know-how across the globe. (‘Tikun Olam’)


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