Dr. Yossi Vardi receives Chaim Herzog Prize

Dr. Yossi Vardi receives Chaim Herzog Prize
14th September 2020 admin_bfhu

The Chaim Herzog Prize is awarded to individuals for their unique contributions to the State of Israel. The award is awarded every two years by The Hebrew University in collaboration with the Yad Chaim Herzog Foundation on the anniversary of the death of former president Chaim Herzog.

This year, the ceremony was held at the President’s Residence, with attendance limited due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The Israeli spirit involves not only commercial entrepreneurship, but also includes responsibility to the general public and involvement with society,” Rivlin said during the ceremony. “This describes Yossi Vardi, whose contribution to Israeli innovation in his service to the public has been invaluable. Congratulations on receiving the Chaim Herzog Prize.”

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