Leaving a Gift in Your Will

“We had the privilege of participating in a British Friends Legacy Tour many years after dedicating a room on campus in the names of our daughters; the Hebrew University was and is the centre of a vibrant, international, seat of learning pioneering and spreading knowledge in an atmosphere of collaboration and cross-fertilisation of ideas both between the various sectors of Israeli society but also far beyond between the many nationalities of the world.  The effect of fostering understanding cannot be over-stated and we are delighted to be associated with such a vital endeavour. What better legacy could there be?”

George and Lidia Donath

“We believe that Education is one of the tools that can lead to greater peace and understanding and that the Hebrew University personifies this. If our legacies lead in some small way to a more tolerant society then we would feel well rewarded and encouraging anyone considering a legacy to embrace it.”

Len and Pam Marks

“What a person has done with their life is their history: What they set in motion is their legacy". The British Friends of the Hebrew University offers you the opportunity to set in motion a legacy which will benefit students and researchers for generations to come in this world class University.”

Margaret Hogan

“I am very proud to be associated with the Hebrew University because of the remarkable work that is done there both academically and in welcoming students from all over the world. Jews have always highly valued education and the creation of the University in 1918 was such an inspiration, decades before the re-creation of Israel in 1948. As a Holocaust survivor, I am pleased that when I have gone, my legacy will continue this vital work in Jerusalem – the heart of Jewish life for over 3000 years.”

Agnes Grunwald-Spier

“I feel it is vital to give a legacy to BFHU to sustain the valuable work of the University.  It is truly an investment in the life of Jerusalem.”

Ayalah Caspi

“Charles Fox was a Zionist all his life and had served with the British forces during the mandate, at times protecting convoys travelling up to the Mount Scopus campus at the Hebrew University which had been cut off from the rest of Jerusalem following the War of Independence in 1948. He eventually returned to the UK where he married and became a life-long supporter of the Hebrew University. Charles visited the Hebrew University on several occasions joining a Legacy Mission with his devoted wife Devorah in 2005 and attending the Board of Governors Meeting in 2007 sadly after Devorah had passed away in 2006. Charles left a gift in his Will of half his estate to BFHU and the gift has now been used to fund part of the new The Justice Mishael Cheshin Center for Advanced Legal Studies at the Law Faculty Building on Mount Scopus. Charles' generosity will always be remembered by law students and faculty alike both now and in the future.”


“In 2013 Helen Burns joined the BFHU legacy Mission and pledged a gift in her Will of £15,000 for cancer research. Sadly Helen became ill with cancer and passed away in 2017. Her memory and that of her late husband Harvey Burns live on and they are memorialised on the Legacy Wall of Honour on Mount Scopus campus at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her generous gift has been designated for the Cancer Hub at the Hebrew University.”


“Emily Erskine, an Austrian émigré arrived in the UK with her brother Henry Ezriel before the outbreak of WW2. She was a qualified nurse and Henry was a consultant psychiatrist. Neither married or had children. Emily inherited Henry’s estate when he died in 1985. She made a Will in 1994 leaving her entire estate to the British Friends of the Hebrew University and when she died in 2001 aged 98 her estate had grown to £2.6 million. Her gift has been designated for physics research or research into mathematics enabling numerous students and researchers to benefit from her generosity.  In their case, fleeing persecution and losing family led them to give back to the world in a most positive manner.”


“In 1996, Edward Carew-Shaw who was an eminent ENT surgeon and a long-time supporter of the Hebrew University, left a gift in his Will of £100,000 to set up an endowment fund to memorialise his late mother Mrs Caroline Newman. He died in 1999. His wife Millicent decided to participate in the BFHU Legacy Mission that same year, and upon her return left a gift of £5 million to BFHU to set up The Edward and Millicent Carew-Shaw Endowment Fund to provide Distinguished Faculty Awards with a preference for the Faculty of Medicine. Millicent sadly passed away in 2006. Their legacies have supported significant medical research at the Hebrew University enabling major researchers to benefit from their wonderful generosity for many years and for years to come and in turn to contribute to the health of the global community”


Legacies Do Make a Difference

Let us remember you as somebody who made a difference. What a person has done in their life is history: what they set in motion is their legacy. By leaving a gift in your Will to the Hebrew University via the British Friends you will enable scientists and researchers at the Hebrew University to continue in their quest to cure, feed and heal the world.

If you are considering leaving a legacy we would be happy to discus some options with you although we do recommend that you seek professional advice if you decide to do so.

By making us aware of your intentions we will be able to answer your specific questions and it is important to allow us to thank you and to acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime.

Become a part of our Living Legacy programme and join one of our Legacy Missions to the Hebrew University so that you can see for yourself the difference your legacy will make.

For further information please call Gill Benson on 020 8349 5757 or email gill.benson@bfhu.org