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“I know of no public event which has given me such delight as the proposal to establish a Hebrew University in Jerusalem”

Professor Albert Einstein, Founder of the Hebrew University, 1921

Help us keep Einstein’s vision alive – supporting student scholarships, world class research, capital projects and other programmes – ensuring that the Hebrew University remains amongst the best of the best continuing to contribute to humanity

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About BFHU

The British Friends of the Hebrew University was founded in 1926 with a mission to support all aspects of the development and academic research excellence of the Hebrew University.

The British Friends of the Hebrew University support student and academic collaboration, helping where possible with scholarships and bursaries and more broadly promote the University’s achievements.

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Where your money goes

For many decades the British Friends of the Hebrew University has provided thousands of scholarships for students based on both need and merit helping them to achieve their potential and then to give back to society in Israel and beyond.

In addition our supporters have generously provided research funding for a wide array of projects covering every facet of the 7 faculties of the Hebrew University from law to humanities, from social sciences to science, from medicine and dentistry to agricultural, environmental and veterinary sciences.

Other areas of support include the purchase of equipment and aid for capital projects from buildings to laboratories to gardens.

Please visit the Hebrew University and witness first-hand how British Friends have contributed and helped make it the success story it is today.