The British Friends 2021 legacy campaign

The British Friends 2021 legacy campaign
5th August 2021 admin_bfhu

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem was built by dreamers and visionaries. Their dedication and commitment along with generations of ongoing support from Friends across the globe have helped create one of the world’s leading centres of advanced learning and research. The Hebrew University shares in knowledge and expertise in helping to tackle many intractable challenges faced by humanity: health, welfare, food, water, nutrition, justice, peace.

A better world is possible through our collective and continued support for the many tomorrows of the Hebrew University, it’s researchers and students supported and thriving in an environment leading to discovery, innovation and dialogue.

Click here to read about the real impact made through legacy bequests, both those who have passed away and those with who have made a commitment in their will. Such generosity also serves as a powerful signal to future generations encouraging them to follow in the footsteps of their family in becoming future supporters of the Hebrew University.

For further information including help with a new will or codicil, details of the tax benefits arising from a philanthropic bequest or to arrange to meet, please contact Gill Benson:  or call on 020 8349 5757