Hebrew University graduates highly ranked by employers in latest GEURS (Global Employability University) report

Hebrew University graduates highly ranked by employers in latest GEURS (Global Employability University) report
16th December 2021 admin_bfhu

Hebrew graduates star in the prestigious GEURS index

Graduates of the Hebrew University receive more appreciation and credit in the international labour market – according to the prestigious GEURS Index, which ranks the satisfaction of managers from their employees in global companies around the world. The index focuses on industrial-academic ties while encouraging the integration of young talent into leading companies in the economy. The ranking was first published in 2010.

In the 2021 Index, published this week, more than 10,000 senior managers at international companies from 22 countries were asked to rate the capabilities and professionalism of employees. According to the index, graduates of the Hebrew University were the highest esteem among the academic institutions in Israel, and overall they were ranked 68th in the world (out of more than 2,000 institutions of higher education examined).

The Hebrew University commented, “In recent years, we have witnessed far-reaching changes in the labour market due to the development of technology and the automating of various jobs. In light of the negative forecasts of the supply of jobs in the future, GEURS rating is a significant source of data and insights used by employers around the world.”

Professor Oron Scherer, Vice President of the Hebrew University of Internationalisation, noted: “The survey shows that graduates of the Hebrew University are wanted worldwide. It’s another testament to the excellence of our graduates. We are proud that in a survey based on a survey that includes non-Israeli companies, the Hebrew University is ranked high, in its first directory in the world.”

The survey was conducted in these countries: China, India, USA, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, The United Kingdom, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland

For further information see: https://www.employability-ranking.com/ranking