Hebrew University Offers Emergency Aid to Students & Professors from Ukraine

Hebrew University Offers Emergency Aid to Students & Professors from Ukraine
7th March 2022 admin_bfhu

Photo Credit: Bruno Cherbit

In a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and HU Student Union hoisted the Ukrainian flag on its campus on Mt. Scopus.  The University and its students seek to send a message of support and encouragement to Ukraine, which is now suffering the second week of a brutal invasion by the Russian military.

As HU President Professor Asher Cohen shared, “hoisting the Ukrainian flag on campus is an important statement.  It says we at the Hebrew University are deeply troubled by the crisis unfolding in Ukraine and send a message of support and strength to the people of Ukraine. Our heart is with the Ukrainian people”.

At the outbreak of the war, Prof. Guy Harpaz, HU’s Dean of Students reached out to HU students of Ukrainian origin who have been personally or whose families have been directly affected by the war in Ukraine to offer immediate financial, emotional and academic support during these tough times.

Further, in light of the threat to academics in Ukraine, HU is offering temporary academic posts to Ukrainian academics and graduate students, and has invited professors to continue their research at the Hebrew University for a period of up to 4 months. Suitable candidates will receive monthly stipends of up to $2,800 USD, as well as free room and board at on-campus residences.

A similar offer has been offered to Ukrainian graduate students currently pursing M.A. degrees and PhD’s at Ukrainian institutes of higher learning.  These students will be able to continue their studies/research at the Hebrew University for up to four months and will receive a monthly stipend of $2,000 USD, plus free board at university dormitories.

Lastly, the University is offering an opportunity for all Ukrainian citizens currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree to attend HU’s Rothberg International School free of charge and to partake of our English-language courses. This offer includes a living stipend and free board, based on available space.