HU Tests Natural Solution to Preserve Clear Drinks

HU Tests Natural Solution to Preserve Clear Drinks
21st February 2023 Lindy Diamond

Preventing microbial spoilage in clear soft drinks wasn’t a problem familiar to Yehoshua Maor until he stumbled on its answer seven years ago.

Maor, who has a PhD in medicinal chemistry, was researching natural botanical treatments for pancreatic cancer at his Phytor lab in Jerusalem.

TAB spores thrive in warm acidic conditions and are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Maor checked whether any industry was experiencing a “pain point” caused by those specific bacterial spores. He soon learned that TAB spores were a major pain point for clear beverage bottlers. So in 2017, Maor founded Resorcix to solve it.

The plant-based product, called Flavorwatch, is now preventing spoilage of drinks sold in Israel and soon in Europe and Asia.

Microbiology tests at The Hebrew University over the course of six months found zero TAB in a pineapple-based clear beverage to which Flavorwatch was added. The beverage remained TAB-free for a further eight months in an independent analysis.

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