Israel at War – Letter from the BFHU’s Chair and Chief Executive

Israel at War – Letter from the BFHU’s Chair and Chief Executive
17th October 2023 Moriah Aharon

Dear British Friends Family

Our Hebrew University of Jerusalem needs your help. WE ARE ONE.

With over 28,000 members, the University community represents a large and diverse segment of Israeli society; no one has remained untouched by the atrocities that we are witnessing in Israel. Among us are those whose family members have been killed in the massacres or wounded by rocket fire or who are missing and presumed among the hostages; students too, called up for active service, as well as faculty members, staff and their children. Others are volunteering to help however they can.

We don’t yet know the extent of the tragedy and what the next phase of this war will bring, but we do know that there are already many who need our help. The Hebrew University will do everything it can to support those community members including:

  • Scholarships & Academic Assistance for Returning Soldiers
    Thousands of students have been or will be called up to active duty. Even with the postponement of the start of the academic year, they will miss the opportunity to study and take exams, and they are putting their lives on the line for their community and country. As they serve us, we wish to serve them.
  • Counselling
    The University is working to make counselling available for any members of the community who need it.
  • Aid for Special Circumstances
    Students from the south have lost their homes and their belongings, others have tragic stories of injured or deceased family members and/or severe trauma.
  • Study Abroad Cut Short
    Some Hebrew University students had already begun their study abroad when Israel was attacked. Many feel compelled to return to Israel to help, however they can, through active duty or in other ways. They need tickets home and initial financial support.

These tragic times remind us of the human cost of war and the true blessings of family and friends. As we mourn those we have lost and prepare for difficult days ahead, we find comfort in community and strength in solidarity.

To support those affected by the war, the University and its Friends organisations around the world have established the WE ARE ONE fund. We are grateful for your support at this critical time. Please click here to make your donation online or email for other options to give.

Alan Jacobs, Chair                      Nigel Salomon, Chief Executive