1st November 2023 Moriah Aharon

BFHU has recently begun working with a new graphic designer, Nitsan, an Israeli residing in the UK, daughter of Hebrew University graduates. Following the tragic events of 7th October, she shared with us a heart-warming project in which she became deeply involved, which began with a text message from another mother at her son’s school.

After the brutal attack on 7th October, Nitsan’s friend simply wanted to know how Nitsan’s family was doing. On days like these, that text message was all Nitsan needed, knowing that people around her cared and were aware. For us – Jewish and Israelis abroad – it’s crucial to feel that we are not alone, and this kind of empathy from non-Israelis or non-Jewish individuals is not always a given.

Nitsan asked her friend to share her story on her social media, and this text message turned into an opportunity for Nitsan to create a campaign in London. Over 500 posters, produced by her friend’s advertising office, were hung around the city. These posters featured illustrations by YONIL, a Tel-Aviv-based artist who created them following the events of 7th October and gave his consent for Nitsan to design the posters. YONIL’s art tells the story of many families living near the Israeli villages surrounding the Gaza Strip and the fear they endured on 7th October.

Together, along with a friend at WIX, they built a campaign to show solidarity and care, just like the text message Nitsan had received. This project is here to tell the survivors of that day, but also all Israelis in the country and abroad and the global community at large, that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” The website provides links to eyewitness stories told by survivors of 7th October and ways to support and donate to ERAN, which provides lifesaving emotional first-aid support.

Nitsan would like us all to share this project. It may not solve the conflict or bring back the hostages, but it shows that people care, believe in humanity, and that, even though we cannot turn back time, we can create a safer future for our children in this world.

Visit the YOU ARE NOT ALONE website