Hebrew University raises NIS 15m for fund to support students and residents affected by 7th Oct.

Hebrew University raises NIS 15m for fund to support students and residents affected by 7th Oct.
7th November 2023 Moriah Aharon

Hebrew University Establishes New Fund: NIS 15 Million Raised in Three Weeks for Scholarships and Aid for Reservist Students and Residents of the Gaza Envelope and the North

In response to recent events, the Hebrew University is proud to announce the establishment of a dedicated fund aimed at supporting students serving in the reserves, residents of the Gaza envelope affected by a recent terrorist attack, and evacuees from the northern region. Within just three weeks, the university has successfully raised NIS 15 million for this critical cause.
The scholarships from this fund are designed to provide much-needed assistance to our students who find themselves on the frontlines in Gaza, the North, and the West Bank. This initiative is part of the university’s unwavering commitment to supporting its students during challenging times.

To alleviate the immediate financial burdens faced by our students, the Hebrew University had previously announced that dormitory rent for students called up to serve in the reserves would be cancelled, and a 20% discount on dormitory fees would be provided to other students residing in dormitories during October and November.

Professor Asher Cohen, President of the Hebrew University, stated, “We are unwavering in our commitment to support the 4,000 male and female students who have answered the call to serve their country. We will do everything in our power to ensure our students integrate well in the upcoming school year, with a focus on adapting their educational experience to the unique challenges they face. Concurrently, we are working diligently to establish an aid program for the rehabilitation of residents in the affected areas of the north and the Gaza envelope. These are challenging days, marked by anxiety and uncertainty. The university is determined to be a beacon of hope and to make an unequivocal promise to our university community that better days lie ahead. We are confident in our ability to prevail in the face of the current difficulties and continue our mission of building a better and more just world.”

In addition, the Hebrew University has been actively involved in contributing to the national effort since the onset of the war, extending a warm welcome to evacuee families and providing support in various capacities:

Accommodation and Education for Evacuee Families: The university has opened its campuses from Eilat to Mount Scopus in Jerusalem to house families from both southern and northern regions who have been displaced due to the conflict.

Support for Gaza Envelope Region Residents: The Inter-University Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat has organized activities for over 300 residents from the Gaza envelope region who have found refuge in the city.

Faculty Involvement in Agriculture and Education: Faculty members actively support agricultural farms in the southern region of the country by engaging in agricultural work. They also contribute to the community by delivering lectures and organizing diverse activities in the vacated hotels. Additionally, the university has donated approximately 450 computers to benefit children in the southern region.

Public Engagement with Webinars and Workshops: The university consistently hosts webinars and workshops on pertinent subjects for the broader public.

Medical, Dental, and Legal Aid: Students and faculty from the Faculty of Medicine have launched an assistance program to support hospital departments affected by staff shortages during the ongoing war. The Faculty of Dentistry offers complimentary dental first-aid services to evacuees from the southern regions and members of the security forces. Additionally, the Clinical Center at the Faculty of Law extends support, advice, and legal information to the community addressing a variety of legal matters arising from the Iron Swords War.

The Hebrew University is dedicated to the well-being of its students and the surrounding community and will continue to provide support and assistance during these challenging times.

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