Boosted Support for HU Students Called Upon for Active Reserve Service

Boosted Support for HU Students Called Upon for Active Reserve Service
21st November 2023 Moriah Aharon

Enhanced Financial Package of at Least NIS 2,000 for Hebrew University Students Serving in the IDF, Alongside Comprehensive Personal, Academic, and Emotional Support Package Valued at Thousands of Shekels

In recognition of the invaluable contribution made by our reserve service students within the Hebrew University community, the university administration is pleased to announce an extensive aid package. This package encompasses a financial grant starting at a minimum of NIS 2,000, alongside a comprehensive array of personal, academic, financial, and emotional support valued at thousands of shekels. This grant is extended to every student called upon for active reserve service as per Order-8, beginning 7th October, whether recruited for combat or support duties for a minimum duration of one week.

In conjunction with the financial grant disbursed directly to students’ bank accounts, Hebrew University is committed to facilitating the seamless reintegration of reserve service individuals into academic life. To support this transition, a tailored academic assistance programme will be provided, catering to individual needs. This encompassing aid includes personalised tutoring, supplemental reinforcement sessions, and the provision of recorded and photocopied course materials. Additionally, subsidised psychological support services offered through the Dean of Students’ Psychological Services will be available. For research students engaged in reserve duty, the continuation of research scholarships will be assured until at least the conclusion of December. Moreover, exclusive benefits involve complete exemption from dormitory rent during the reserve period and access to a specialised assistance scholarship for unique situations. Furthermore, reserve members from evacuated settlements will be eligible for a designated aid stipend.

Prof. Asher Cohen, President of the Hebrew University, expressed his unwavering commitment, stating, “We persist in our efforts to assist our roughly 4,000 enlisted students, ensuring their seamless integration into the upcoming academic year. The Hebrew University takes immense pride in our reserve service students for their unwavering dedication and admirable heroism during these challenging days of conflict. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a safe return home!”

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