Hebrew University Israeli Alumni Gathering in London

Hebrew University Israeli Alumni Gathering in London
12th March 2024 Moriah Aharon

On Tuesday, 27th February 2024, dozens of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israeli alumni gathered on the 33rd floor of Salesforce Tower in Central London for a professionally and socially engaging evening. They had the privilege of hearing first hand experiences from two entrepreneurs and HUJI alumni, Moria Barak and Eli Rezinsky, who shared insights from their entrepreneurial journey, discussed challenges and other seldom-explored topics often left unspoken, and delved into professional anecdotes. Special thanks to Omri Chosnek, Regional Vice President of Salesforce UK and a HUJI alumnus himself, for hosting the event in the remarkable meeting room, offering a breath-taking view of the city area.

Moria Barak, a Hebrew University graduate in Law and East Asian Studies, is the founder and CEO of StellarAI, a Tel Aviv-based social start-up. Moria operates her startup from her home in Twickenham, bridging the realms of technology and social impact. Her initiative offers innovative solutions to address the employment gap faced by individuals with autism, providing them with a supportive work environment and fulfilling careers in data. Focusing on Health-tech AI, they specialise in medical imaging and textual data interpretation, enhancing the detection of findings that may elude a neurotypical brain and preparing it for AI model training. Moria’s project showcases the transformative power of social entrepreneurship in tackling the market’s growing demand for subject expertise, making a positive impact on healthcare diagnostics.

Eli Razinski, an Economics and Cognitive Science graduate from Hebrew University, co-founded Unlock, a virtual events company sold last year. Today, he serves as a consultant and mentor for start-ups in operations and customer management, juggling the responsibilities of a young father. Eli discussed the company’s inception, the process of product formation and customer development and challenges.

Merav Shany, a HUJI alumna in Political Science and International Relations who also lives in London, spearheads the alumni community’s establishment and management. Over recent months, Merav contacted graduates, fostered personal and professional relationships among them, and put in efforts to strengthen their ties with the University. As Merav puts it, “Together, we will strive to cultivate this community, bridging connections between alumni, faculty, and university resources. Let’s collaborate, share knowledge, and create unique opportunities”. In addition to all that, Merav is also working on the upcoming events. “The feedback I received after last week’s event was all positive. Even after the event was officially over, people stayed longer and didn’t want to leave. I continue to reach out and invite graduates to join the community, fostering a space for personal and professional connections”.