Support the Hebrew University this Pesach

Support the Hebrew University this Pesach
16th April 2024 Moriah Aharon

This year, in response to many enquiries, we are asking supporters to consider two specific University causes related to the aftermath of 7th October and the events that followed which have badly shaken and traumatised Israeli society.

One of the first casualties has been the already-thin fabric of relations between parts of the diverse Hebrew University campus community, leaving many angry, scared and devoid of trust. The issue of shared society and inclusion are no longer simply theoretical issues for debate but real day to day challenges. A pluralist, tolerant and mutually respectful University environment is non-negotiable, something we must strive for.

Our students are the future leaders of Israel and what happens at the Hebrew University matters. Please help us by supporting the University’s key project ‘Rebuilding Trust in a Shared Society’ which includes policy making, research and best practice, training, student experience and culture where everyone feels represented.

Beyond the walls of our campuses, a lesser-known tragedy has been the fate of our four-legged mainly canine friends in the south, separated from their loving owners, lost, bewildered, many shot and injured, who have needed and still need treatment, and often fostering. The Hebrew University Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, unique in the Middle East, is committed ethically to doing its utmost to provide compassionate care but requires funds to maintain its ongoing and valuable work. Mikey’s incredible story is just one example. Your support is vital in this endeavour.

Thank you in advance for your generosity in these difficult times;

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