Hebrew University Awards 2024 Doctorates and Bublick Honors

Hebrew University Awards 2024 Doctorates and Bublick Honors
4th June 2024 Moriah Aharon

During the 87th Board of Trustees session at Hebrew University, five individuals were honored with honorary doctorate degrees and three received the “Bublick” award for their contributions to science, society, and Israel’s development.

During the 87th session of the Board of Trustees, the Hebrew University honored five distinguished individuals with honorary doctorate degrees for their outstanding contributions to science, society, and the university. Additionally, the university bestowed the “Bublick” award upon three individuals in recognition of their significant impact on the advancement and development of the State of Israel. The ceremony took place at the Mount Scopus campus in the presence of notable figures from the business, public sectors, and academia, including Hebrew University President Prof. Asher Cohen and Rector Prof. Tamir Shafer.

Honorary Doctorate Recipients:

Prof. Dr. Michael N. Hall, a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Basel, Switzerland, recognized for his groundbreaking research in cellular growth and physiological processes. Prof. Hall has also contributed to academic relations with Israel through his teaching at the Hebrew University.

Mrs. Viviana Goren Kasam, an award-winning journalist and prominent member of the Italian Jewish community, honored for her significant contributions to the Hebrew University and her support of female students in neuroscience and public health.

Judge Esther Hayut, retired President of the Supreme Court of Israel, celebrated for her influential rulings on constitutional law and her leadership in judiciary management, planning, and transparency.

Mr. John A. Paulson, an American businessman and philanthropist, acknowledged for his substantial support of education and the arts, including significant projects at the Hebrew University.

Ms. Lea Koenig Stolper, an iconic Israeli actress and recipient of the Israel Prize for Theater in 1987, recognized for her contributions to Israeli culture and her profound connection to Yiddish heritage.

Bublick Award Winners:

Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda, Director of the Hematology Department at Hadassah University Medical Center and former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University, honored for her leadership in computational medicine and public health policy.

Mr. Haim Jelin, a former head of the Eshkol Regional Council, noted for his dedication to the development and resilience of communities in the Western Negev and his role in promoting national unity through the “Genesis Treaty.”

Adv. Dan Yakir, President of the Civil Rights Association, recognized for his extensive contributions to civil rights, including landmark legal cases on equality, freedom of expression, and human rights.

Prof. Asher Cohen, President of Hebrew University extended his congratulations, stating, “This year, more than ever, we are proud to recognize an exceptional group of individuals who exemplify the spirit of Israeli society and democracy. Their contributions underscore the values of academic excellence, legal integrity, and community service that define the Hebrew University.”

Link to pictures. Credit: Maxim Dinshtein

Left to right: Tamir Sheafer, Dan Schlessinger, Viviana Goren Kasam, Michael N. Hall, John A. Paulson, Asher Cohen, Ester Haut, Lea Koenig Stolper, Dan Yakir, Dina Ben Yehuda

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