Bridging Gaps: A Conversation About Shared Society on Campus

Bridging Gaps: A Conversation About Shared Society on Campus
10th July 2024 Moriah Aharon

One evening in early July at JW3, we were fortunate to hear firsthand how the Hebrew University of Jerusalem nurtures inclusivity and diversity among its thousands of students, faculty members and administrative staff, both during times of routine and crisis.

In an enlightening conversation, moderated by the engaging Edward Isaacs, outgoing President of the Union of Jewish Students (UK and Ireland) for 2023/24, Prof Mona Khoury, HU Vice President for Strategy and Diversity, demonstrated how the University is attentive to its diverse population – Jews, Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, Ethiopians, LGBT and many more – and initiates incredible workshops, programmes and opportunities for people to meet, talk and understand each other.

She also shared how a crisis management plan, developed three years ago during the 2021 Israel–Palestinian crisis, outlined the necessary steps for the institution to take during times of conflict. This plan proved invaluable after 7th October, helping the administration and faculty navigate the delicate situation on campus ever since.

The evening was made possible thanks to the generous support of Marc Iarchy, who dedicated the event in memory of his grandmother, Thea Zucker z”l, an Honorary Fellow of the Hebrew University. Marc, himself, is a Hebrew U graduate.

If you happened to miss the event or would like to watch it again, a recording is available at this link 

Prior to her visit to London, Prof Mona Khoury shared in an interview with Jewish News how the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is navigating the challenges of the Gaza war and how despite the conflict, the University has maintained campus order and promoted collaborative projects to improve relations among students of different backgrounds.