23rd June 2021 admin_bfhu

Charles Fox was a Zionist all his life and had served with the British forces during the mandate, at times protecting convoys travelling up to the Mount Scopus campus at the Hebrew University which had been cut off from the rest of Jerusalem following the War of Independence in 1948.

He eventually returned to the UK where he married and became a life-long supporter of the Hebrew University.

Charles visited the Hebrew University on several occasions joining a Legacy Mission with his devoted wife Devorah in 2005 and attending the Board of Governors Meeting in 2007 sadly after Devorah had passed away in 2006.

Charles left a gift in his Will of half his estate to BFHU and the gift has now been used to fund part of the new The Justice Mishael Cheshin Center for Advanced Legal Studies at the Law Faculty Building on Mount Scopus. Charles’ generosity will always be remembered by law students and faculty alike both now and in the future.