Israel-Gaza-Lebanon: Where Are We Going?

29th Oct 2023

Israel-Gaza-Lebanon: Where Are We Going?

Israel-Gaza-Lebanon: Where Are We Going?

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Sun 29th Oct 2023 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm
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Since 7th October, Israel has grappled with confrontations from both the south and, more recently, the north. What does it mean for Israel to engage on two fronts? And could there be yet another arena to the east?

On Sunday, 29th October 2023, a panel of international relations experts from Hebrew University which included Dr Or (Ori) Rabinowitz, Dr Daniel Sobelman and Dr Guy Laron delved into these pressing topics. Professor Yoram Z. Hattel, Chair of the Hebrew University’s International Relations Department moderated the webinar.

Our thoughts are with our colleagues and friends at the Hebrew University and their families as we continue to be shocked by the distressing news coming out of Israel. We stand with the people of Israel and pray for a swift end to this conflict.

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Israel-Gaza-Lebanon: Where Are We Going?

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