Torch Talks: Ignite with the Hebrew University

19th Jan 2022

Torch Talks: Ignite with the Hebrew University

Torch Talks: Ignite with the Hebrew University

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Wed 19th Jan 2022 @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Meet changemakers from the Hebrew University propelling social change around the world

The Hebrew University is full of students, faculty, and researchers who push the boundaries of science, technology, and more in an effort to improve the world. Join us to meet a few Hebrew University changemakers leading programs that power progress in Israel and around the world:

    • The Ethiopian Farmers Outreach Project creates an avenue for Israeli and international students to farm alongside Ethiopian-Israeli community elders to exchange ideas and share experiences.
    • The Legal Clinic for Representation of Marginalized Communities (LCRMC) helps vulnerable individuals negotiate the policies and practices that may hinder the exercise of their rights and impinge upon their dignity.
    •  GLOCAL: Master’s degree in Community Development trains young professionals for employment as community development workers in Israel and the developing world, translating academic research into practical understanding.

This a free event of the American Friends of the Hebrew University

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Torch Talks: Ignite with the Hebrew University

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