Company founded by the Hebrew University raises $320m

Company founded by the Hebrew University raises $320m
22nd December 2021 admin_bfhu

Israeli cultured meat company Future Meat Technologies is raising $320 million in a funding round that will bring the company’s total worth to $600 million. U.S. food giants Tyson Foods and ADM, both participants in Future Meat’s $26.75 million Series B earlier this year, are expected to be part of the upcoming round.

Future Meat is the latest example of a successful start-up emerging from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) and Yissum, the University’s technology transfer company. Future Meat’s technology is based on the work of its chief scientist, HU Professor Yaakov Nahmias, and relies on the rapid natural proliferation of connective tissue cells. What’s unique about the process is that unlike most artificially grown meat, it does not require the expensive use of stem cells.

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