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  • Jul172024

    Tobacco Industry Targets Arab and Ultra-Orthodox Media in Israel

    A recent study revealed that there are significant disparities in how Philip Morris International’s IQOS heated tobacco product is portrayed…

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  • Jul152024

    Beyond Algorithms: The Role of Human Empathy in AI-Enhanced Therapy

    A new study at Hebrew University explored the balance between AI and human therapists in mental health therapy, focusing on…

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  • Jul102024

    Bridging Gaps: A Conversation About Shared Society on Campus

    One evening in early July at JW3, we were fortunate to hear firsthand how the Hebrew University of Jerusalem nurtures…

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  • Jul102024

    Proud to Lead: Hebrew University Alumni Meetup in London

    Earlier this month, Hebrew University alumni gathered at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies at King’s College London. We had…

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  • Jul082024

    Prof. Yossi Buganim’s Lab at Hebrew University Secures $600K Grant from Leo Foundation for Pioneering Research on Fibroblast Dysfunction and Skin Rejuvenation

    The Leo Foundation has awarded a $600,000 grant to Prof Yossi Buganim’s lab at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to…

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  • Jun192024

    In Sync: The Biological Underpinnings of Romantic Attraction and Bonding

    A new study reveals that physiological synchrony, the alignment of physiological responses between individuals, significantly enhances perceived romantic attraction. Findings…

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  • Jun172024

    Prof Tomer Broude Pays Tribute to Law Student Eitan Koplovich z”l

    It is with deep sorrow that we share the news of the passing of Eitan Koplovich, a dedicated student from…

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  • Jun092024

    The Hebrew University’s 87th Board of Governors

    After endless preparations and concerns that the events might not be able to take place due to the war and…

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  • Jun062024

    HUJI Asper ‘Rising Start-up’ Awards to GynTools and HydroX

    GynTools and HydroX both won the prestigious Asper Prize 2024 “the Hebrew University Rising Startup” Award presented at the 87th…

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  • Jun042024

    Hebrew University Awards 2024 Doctorates and Bublick Honors

    During the 87th Board of Trustees session at Hebrew University, five individuals were honored with honorary doctorate degrees and three…

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