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  • Aug032021

    HU Researchers Identify Medicines that Offer Hope Against COVID-19

    Israeli scientists say they have identified three existing drugs that have good prospects as COVID-19 treatments, reporting that they illustrated a high ability to fight the virus in lab tests.

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  • Jul262021

    The Center for Jewish Art – Volga Expedition Report 2021

    A remarkable report on the remnants of Jewish material culture, researched, photographed and documented before their inevitable disappearance over time.

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  • Jul162021

    Five-letter inscription inked 3,100 years ago may be name of biblical judge

    Excavations in Judean foothills uncover small jug from 1,100 BCE that could be inscribed with ‘Jerubbaal’; first evidence of a name from Book of Judges on a contemporary artefact

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  • Jul142021

    Facing Climate Change Together

    UAE minister of food and water security meets Agtech and FoodTech experts at Hebrew University’s School of Agriculture

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  • Jul132021

    A weekly dose of brain stimulus

    The Hebrew University is producing frequent, short, appetite-satisfying videos. With a multitude of subjects covered there is something for everyone.

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  • Jul092021

    The Rectors Update June 2021 – Prof Barak Medina

    This is the final update for the 2020/2021 academic year, Professor Barak Medina reports on faculty members who are retiring this year, as well as on the University’s new recruits, along with other updates.

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  • Jul032021

    Being Open About Uncertainty

    As the world begins to emerge from the COVID pandemic many of us are left with lingering feelings of uncertainty in our lives.

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  • Jun262021

    ASPER-HUJI Innovate entrepreneurs win prestigious $3m prize

    Hebrew University Alumni Entrepreneurs have won the prestigious international @IBMWatson XPRIZE for ‘AI in the service of humanity’

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  • Jun252021

    When Archaic Homo Met Homo Sapiens

    New Fossils Reveal Interactions Between Ancient Human Groups Living Together in the Levant

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  • Jun222021

    Understanding the Impact of Medical Marijuana on Children, a Meta-Analysis

    Researchers from the Hebrew University have completed a first-ever meta-analysis of paediatric patients treated with medical cannabis to understand better the risks and benefits

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